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6 project management apps to make your life easier

Project managers can always benefit from more ways to organise a project, and there are many applications that have been designed with this in mind.

Updated on: 23rd October 2019

When it comes to planning, monitoring and reporting on projects, some software can become your most precious tool. With applications focusing more and more on the user experience, you’re bound to find something useful.

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Here are our top 6 project management apps.

1. Asana

Perfect for: Smaller teams

Asana is a great app to keep a smaller team organised. You can add briefs, assign tasks and deadlines with ease in a clear way. There is the option to view an individuals tasks or the whole teams tasks with tags that can be used to filter. You can view tasks as a timeline, calendar, boards and much more. 

The tool is free for teams of less than 15 people and starts out at £9.49 month after that; a small price to pay for an easier workflow and the ability to track your project success.

2. Clarizen

Perfect for: Larger teams

Clarizen is a more scalable project management software. It facilitates easier project planning, portfolio management, and social collaboration through its interactive dashboards. 

It also integrates well with most leading platforms including Excel, Salesforce, Google Docs and Outlook, making it super simple to use.   

You will need to enquire for price, so that the Clarizen team can find the perfect package for your business.

3. Trello

Perfect for: Design teams

Trello is for a team that will benefit from a more visual platform. Each board is displayed in a birds-eye-view style so that you can see all images and aspects of your project at once. It’s a flexible tool that is great for managing projects of all sizes. 

You can access Trello from anywhere with ease, due to the mobile app and compatibility with most devices. Signing up for Trello is free, with the option to expand the features through a business or enterprise account. 

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4. Mavenlink

Perfect for: Professional service teams

This software is innovative and modern and specialises in the professional services market. Their project management software offers resource planning, project accounting and other advanced business intelligence capabilities.

They also offer ‘Mavenlink Insights’, an intelligent tool that converts the date you’ve inputted and offers suggestions on how to utilise it. It claims to be suitable for teams of all sizes and can improve business decision making through a powerful ‘Business Intelligence solution.’

Plans start at around £14/user, per month for small beginner teams, with custom packages for larger or more experienced teams.

5. Azendoo

Perfect for: Remote teams

Azendoo is a hybrid task and project management tool that focuses on team management and collaboration, but it’s also a great platform to arrange personal projects. A new time management release, allows you to track all time spent on the task across all subtasks and team members. 

Azendoo integrates well with other services, like Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox for storage, making it incredibly easy to use.

Pricing starts at around a very reasonable £5/user, per month and offers further rates for larger businesses and enterprises.

6. Basecamp

Perfect for: All teams

Basecamp is a reliable and widely popular project management app, known for its usability. The dashboard provides an overview of all your projects in a single glance, making it an all round favourite for teams of all sizes. 

An additional key feature, is that every project can have an instant messaging group chat, for quick remote meetings and to get answers quickly. This is a great time keeper as you can update teammates in real-time.

You can sign up for ‘Basecamp personal’ which is free for up to 20 users but limited to 1GB of storage. For businesses, they have a fixed, all inclusive rate of around £75 to avoid per user fees.