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When is PRINCE2® not enough?

If you’re looking for a project management certification, PRINCE2® is a great option. But, if you want to become an industry-leading project management professional, you should consider expanding your tool belt.

The history of PRINCE2®

Turn the clock back to 1989, and the British government’s civil servants were starting to utilise a methodology for their project management called Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2®).

It was a new standard for project management that was inspired by the PROMPT and PROMPT II system development modules.

From 1996, PRINCE2® was deemed best practice methodology for general project management, providing a framework that businesses and organisations across Europe would adopt for decades to come.

It’s fair to say that PRINCE2® has undergone plenty of alterations through the years, particularly in 2009 and 2017. Both revisions were designed to make the PRINCE2® framework more scalable and customisable to suit the increasingly unique demands of 21st-century project management.

Learning People | Project manager giving a presentation

Thinking of going into project management?

Historically, anyone thinking of forging a career in project management would seek to achieve PRINCE2® certification and stop there. In years gone by, this would have opened doors to project management jobs across the continent.

PRINCE2® is still widely regarded as a standard for project managers, but employers aren’t looking for standard anymore; they are looking for stand-out candidates. With more opportunities for project managers across all industries, you will need the knowledge and skills to be prepared for any situation. 

Many experienced project managers that have witnessed the changing demands of project management believe there are fewer ‘controlled environments’ for the PRINCE2® methodology to be applied to. There are now further certifications that are needed for you to be at a level to bring any project to success.

Consider a Project Management Institute (PMI) course

One route that could give your CV the edge when applying for project management roles is to seek a qualification with the Project Management Institute (PMI). The PMI is headquartered in the United States and has over 550,000 members working as project management professionals across 208 countries worldwide. PMI certification is widely recognised in the US and other leading economies.

CAPM Collection

Our CAPM collection is widely regarded as the ideal beginners collection. You’ll benefit from the PRINCE2® Foundation, PRINCE2® Practitioner and PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner certifications as well as PMI’s CAPM.

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) course is suitable for any stage of your project management career, but most popular with entry-level project managers and undergraduate students studying project management.

With up to 60 hours of study time, the CAPM gives you plenty of time to validate your skills and demonstrate to current and future employers you are ready to take the next step up the career ladder.

By choosing to include the CAPM in your certification tool belt you will benefit from:

  • Standing out above other project managers
  • Having a superior understanding of project management
  • Being PMI certified
  • Higher salaries
  • More opportunities

PMP collection

For those already on the project management career ladder, we have the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This qualification cements the project management skillsets of those new to the industry. It can also refine and enhance the skills of those already working in project management, helping to maximise your earning potential.

Given that some industries look upon PRINCE2® certification as a 20th-century methodology, becoming a certified PMP gives you the tools to work in almost any industry, with any methodology, anywhere in the world.

PMP certification is further proof to prospective employers and colleagues that you possess the expertise to handle projects from inception to completion. The qualification also suggests that you are familiar and comfortable with the global language of project management, connecting you to a network of project management professionals across the globe.

According to recent PMI research, 80% of project management professionals see their salary increase within a year of passing their PMP exam.

We’ve got your project management future covered

At Learning People, we can help you explore the possibilities of a career in project management. With more than 15 million project managers set to be in demand worldwide in the coming years, there are vacancies in every industry. 

Need more convincing? Here’s our student Carlotta who shared her experience studying PRINCE2® with Learning People:

If you’re looking for a more in-depth approach to project management, we caught up with our student Selina on her experience with the PMP collection:

Providing you have the certified techniques, knowledge and skills to execute projects on-time and within budget, a rewarding project management career awaits you.

Contact our expert careers consultants today who can help you get accredited at any stage on your project management career journey. Once signed up with Learning People, you also get access to our helpful StudentCare team to guide you through your course and our brilliant Career Services who can help you prepare to secure a job in the industry even before you’ve completed your course. 

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