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Consider online learning for your project management career

Flexible, accessible, online learning is the modern alternative to university. New research by LinkedIn says, you don’t need a degree for career success in project management.

Published on:  06 July 2020

Subjects like project management, which are continually evolving in the workplace, lend themselves better to the online learning space. With over 98% of all companies in the US alone planning to use e-learning in 2020 and onwards, there are clear signs that the market is moving away from more traditional education to embrace more agile and adaptive forms of teaching and learning.

Learning People | Project management student on laptop smiling

University vs. online learning

If you’re wondering whether to pursue project management as a subject at university or via online learning, there are clear advantages to taking the online route. 

Where university education is established and has been respected and relied on for years, it is often also:

  • In-flexible – Classes and course work can’t easily be fitted around other commitments.
  • In-accessible – Institutions are often miles away from home, requiring relocation, and don’t cater to all learning paces.
  • Expensive – Programmes and degrees cost tens of thousands of pounds and often require taking out hefty student loans.
  • Outdated – Curriculums are often based on information, methodologies and practices that are no longer used in the workplace.

With highly interactive courses now available online,  accredited by the world’s most prominent certification bodies the level of education you can now get online is a beneficial alternative to what you would get by enrolling in a 3-year degree.

Why is online learning ideal for a career in project management?

There are many advantages to learning online; here is a closer look at the 4 main reasons to opt for this route:

1. Flexible

One of the biggest advantages of e-learning is that it’s flexible.

Learning People student, Matt Brandon had just finished his A-levels and decided against the traditional route of college or university because of this. He found online learning means his time is in his control, with time to study, work part-time, volunteer and pass his driving test.

Courses are designed for students to work through at their own pace and fit around other commitments such as work, hobbies and interests and family.

This is particularly relevant for project management. It’s often the case that interest in learning to become a project manager arises directly from the challenges presented by a particular job or project. Learning online offers you the opportunity to acquire the skills needed in real-time so they can be directly applied to the job at hand. 

And with e-learning taking up to 40%-60% less employee time, as revealed by a recent study, this can be equally as beneficial for your employer.

2. Accessible

Another great aspect of learning on the web is its accessibility. E-learning makes it easy for you to study anytime and anywhere, like from the comfort of your own home. 

Instead of having to deal with the stress of travelling to and from a venue, or organise additional accommodation, you can learn everything you need to know in a relaxed and informal environment. That, in turn, can lead to better focus and better absorption of key information. In fact, the Research Institute of America found e-learning increased retention rates of between 25% to 60%.

3. Affordable

One of the most significant barriers to post-secondary education is cost. With many university courses often costing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, it can be a challenge to upskill affordably. That can make gaining the certifications you need to move up in the workplace more challenging.

E-learning offers the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills at a fraction of the cost. In addition to this, by electing to study online from home, you won’t need to pay for travel to and from study venues.

4. Up to date

Last but not least, online learning is more current and relevant. While university courses and degrees are more heavily dependent on outdated curriculums and teaching methods, online courses are designed around current industry trends. They’re also more regularly updated, reflecting changes happening within the workplace. 

With new methodologies like Agile becoming more popular and trends like  AI, automation and data analytics on the rise, the project management landscape is changing all the time. That makes learning to become a project manager through an online course a much more sensible option than committing to a 3-4 year degree that could be rendered obsolete. 

Online project management courses with Learning People

With full-time and part-time study options available, Learning People is dedicated to empowering you through career-defining education. 

With access to support from qualified experts and mentors and a global community of peers, you’ll never feel alone during your educational journey. 

Interested in getting started with a career as a project manager? You’ll be pleased to find out we provide all the certifications and courses you’ll need to enter the industry on a level-playing field.

The CAPM Collection

Assembled with project team members and entry-level project managers in mind, our Certified Associate in Project Management collection is for those who want to develop their skills further. No prerequisites are required, so project managers at any level can use this collection to take the next step. 

You’ll get to grips with all the most in-demand project management knowledge and have a well-rounded set of skills to stand out to future employers. In addition to this, you’ll have unlimited access to leading industry certifications. 

With PMI’s CAPM and the important PRINCE2 certifications included, you’ll learn all the essential skills needed to boost your employability across all industries.

Hear from an industry expert 

In this video, Tracy Pound tells us the value of a certification in project management.

For more information on our project management online training, please do get in touch and talk to one of our expert Career Consultants.