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Construction has been named in the top project management industries to enter

Welcome to our third blog in our series, off the tools.’ This time we’re focusing on progression into project management specifically within the construction sector. 

Updated on: 28th October 2019

In this blog, we’ll look at the need for project management professionals within construction. We’ll also give typical training examples taken from some of our most prestigious awarding bodies.

Learning People | Project manager mind mapping on whiteboard

Is construction project management a secure career path?

The construction industry has significantly grown over the past few years, and is forecast to maintain this rate in the future. Due to the industry’s growth, there is now an increase in trained and skilled project management professionals at all levels. 

According to the PMI’s  2019 Jobs report, projects are expected to hit a growth of 3.6 percent by 2020, hitting $12.7 trillion compared with $10.6 trillion in 2017.

Is construction project management an accessible career path?

Project management is an accessible career path within any industry, and you could become one of the qualified project management professionals to bridge the skills gap and be a part of the next generation in management.

If you’ve spent years on the tools you might be looking for something a little more suited to you. Whether that’s moving off the tools for the sake of your health, or into management for a higher salary, project management is certainly an accessible career path. 

Let’s break it down to the pre-certification basics, and look at some personality traits that you may already have.

Time management

A big part of a project management role is time management. To make a project successful, you’ll need to prioritise and delegate tasks, working out how others will spend their time. 

These processes can be taught however, you may be naturally skilled at identifying the most important tasks and saying no to requests that will get in the way!


Are you a natural communicator, and can you truly engage your target audience? Most of your time will be spent communicating, whether it’s chatting to workers or members of the board or stakeholders. So if you’re able to gain buy-in for your chosen message then doing so within the confines of a project will be an organic win.


Knowing how to identify and reach a win-win scenario is imperative to accomplish project goals.  A natural negotiator is not just a good speaker but also (and sometimes more importantly) a good listener.  Is this something you already do day to day either professionally or personally?

Risk management

Clearly seeing the road ahead and its potential challenges will allow you to identify and manage risks. If you’re objective focused then predicting pitfalls and creating solutions along the way will ultimately lead to success.

Learning People | Project management planner

What training will I actually need?

This is the reason for a full and professional career consultation with Learning People, where your background, transferable skills, personality and career goals will all be discussed.  We assess your available time, budget and desired role to confirm a tangible training recommendation all with a clear roadmap.   

What courses do Learning People provide?

We have been active in the project management career space for 10 years and have built a solid reputation for providing the most in-demand and industry relevant online certification packages. The following examples are just a selection of how we help people realise career growth to project management.    


This certification is a structured methodology, commonly used for end-to-end project management.  As a project manager with experience, the purpose of achieving the foundation certification is to confirm you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2® method.


With this certification, you’ll demonstrate your experience using Agile approaches, have good collaborative skills, embrace complexity and thrive on rapid response times.


This certification allows you to easily apply your learnt skills to your practical, on the job experiences. You’ll learn how to demonstrate your development and growth in your understanding of project management.

Career support at Learning People

Getting people certified to industry standards is just the start, our in-house Career Services team work with you directly, to help you with your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and job boards to ensure correct online presence and messaging.  This then moves towards humanising the job search, helping you to identify and reach out to the right individuals within the right organisations for your chosen career goal.  

At Learning People it starts and finishes with you, so contact us today and start the process of entering one of the most secure project management sectors, by getting off the tools and stepping up to leading the way.