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How valuable is the CAPM certification?

Designed for those without project management experience, we explore the CAPM and why it’s proving to be such a valuable asset for launching your career.

What is the CAPM?

The Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is, for many, the beginning of their project management career. It is a universally respected certification that teaches the standardised, fundamentals of project management methodologies. 

The CAPM is there to show to employers that you are an efficient worker and can be trusted to complete tasks in compliance with global standards.

What are the requirements?

This certification is for individuals that may not have any project management experience and therefore there is not an extensive list of prerequisites. 

What does the CAPM involve?

The CAPM’s aim is to document that the individual “possesses the knowledge in the principles and terminology of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)

The modules cover the basics of project management including, task processes, budget handling, quality management and risk management. It is a perfect introduction to all areas a project manager will be expected to have competence in.

Learning People | Project manager sitting with notebook

Why is it valuable?

  • Companies gain skilled professionals

Employees with little or no experience can be trained on all aspects of project management instead of just processes specific to their industry. This can bring fresh ideas to the organisation and can offer an improved, well-rounded approach.

Offering the certification not only shows that the company is invested in its employees’ development, but can result in a good return on investment (ROI). Clients are also more likely to trust that a project team is capable to deliver the desired results.

  • Brings confidence

The CAPM covers all the basics of project management and introduces you to a new type of terminology. Earning this certification will equip you with the necessary tools to approach tasks with confidence and the methodology to back up your decisions. 

  • Better job opportunities

One of the most valuable elements of the CAPM is the fact that it is not restricted by industry, the methodology it teaches can be applied universally. This means that holding the certification can open up endless opportunities globally. 

The CAPM can give your CV the boost you need to show employers you are a potential project manager with knowledge of all relevant areas of the job role. By earning the CAPM you are documenting yourself as a skilled professional to meet the current job market demand from organisations.

  • Higher salary

Holding this certification displays compliance with the highly-respected PMI standards. This is often rewarded with a promotion and a pay increase.  

Learning People | Project manager in suit with patterned background

Student Testimonials

Hear from previous students and what each of them thinks about the CAPM.

Igor Tovpinec on what benefits the CAPM brought him:

Passing the CAPM certification has been so important to me as it has helped my self belief and grown my confidence so I can now work and aim for the next level in my career.

Gladstone Hlalakuhle on why he chose the CAPM:

Prior to becoming qualified, my experience on the ground had been very strong, however I didn’t have any formal project management training. I needed something to boost my CV and get me noticed by potential employers.

Albert Adebajo on how the CAPM allowed him to reach his dream role.

Put simply, my current role as a project coordinator is a direct result of my training.  Within a year of signing up with the Learning People I was able to get a job.

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