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Persuading your company to support your PMP training

Everyday the vast majority of companies are increasingly looking to invest in their workforce. Learning People offers some advice on how to get your company on board with your PMP.

Updated on: 12th November 2019

Obtaining the PMP (Project Management Professional) is frequently a main career goal for project managers. It’s a highly sought after certification that verifies you as a highly experienced project manager.

With an application process that demands over 3 years of experience as a project manager, it’s a massive recognition of your competence in leading projects. The PMP opens up amazing opportunities and frequently leads to a large salary increase.

Although many can see this long term value of the certification, we understand that it’s not always possible to spare the funds to get there. This is where your current place of work can come to your aid. Through a company sponsorship, your PMP fees can be partly or even completely covered by your employer. 

We’ve put together some advice to consider when approaching your manager about support for your PMP certification. 

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Stay professional 

It’s important to approach the relevant decision maker with the right persona to ensure they take the time to consider your sponsorship seriously. 

It is worthwhile being strategic with the time you bring up the topic. If the organisation is making cut backs and reducing budgets, perhaps wait until finances are more stable. If there is a particular time of year when targets or set, this could be used to your advantage.

 Request a meeting with all the relevant parties and make sure to prepare.

Building your proposal 

Funding your PMP certification process will involve an understanding of costs, benefits, and a clear measurement of return on investment.

Writing a succinct and realistic proposal is the best way of formally getting your management’s attention. We recommend including a brief summary of your request , the benefits, outline of costs, and a return on investment overview.

Make sure you research any relevant case studies surrounding benefits of the PMP and gather any statistics that are likely to give your proposal some weight. 

Consider your career plan 

Companies are always looking for evidence that they’ll make a definite return on investment. If you’re looking to have training funded by them and then to move on to the next stage with another company, it’s unlikely your current boss will view your funding application as worthwhile.

If you can’t see yourself remaining at the company long term, then committing to staying in order to gain funding for a qualification, could be a challenging  career move. Map out your career journey following the PMP to see if you can deliver on your promises to your employers. 

You need to convince your organisation that through completing a PMP certification you will be able to:

  • Increase the company’s expertise in project management – including formal processes, and standards
  • Develop and mature the existing project management procedures within the company, or create some from scratch if they have never existed
  • Establish and build an internal project management resource for other employees as you progress through your certification

If you can clearly summarise what your PMP certification training will give back to the company in a quantitative format, they will be more willing to look to the future and invest in the present.

Although by following these steps we can’t guarantee your company will invest in your training, they are sure to boost your chances of being heard. Additionally, your employer will see that you’re eager to develop and grow in your professional career.

Learning People | Project manager in a meeting with stakeholder

We can help

If you get in touch with one of our career consultants, they can offer more personalised advice on how to reach out to your company for sponsorship. We work closely with organisations on a daily basis and know the certifications and their benefits inside out. Your career consultant will happily speak to the decision makers at your company to put their mind at ease and answer any questions.