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Project management minimalism

To put it simply, minimalism is the act of removing material objects from your life that do not contain value or purpose, allowing you the space, both literal and mental, to focus on what matters to you most.

Updated on: 14th November 2019

But before you grab a bin liner and chuck out the five identical pair of jeans you’ve been hoarding, we’ve got some good news. Minimalism is a concept that can be applied in your professional life, particularly in project management. Discover how this notion can help your productivity and lead to more success in a task.

Learning People | minimalistic project manager desk

Minimalism and project management

In a project management role, it can be easy to overcomplicate the process. Regardless of the industry, a project manager is required to do one thing – help guide a team to the completion of a task in the most efficient way.

There seems to be a million and one ways to project manage ‘the right way’. There are podcasts, TedTalks and books all telling us so. But project managers from some of the fasted paced business environments all hail the following five steps as the key to project management minimalism.

1. Identify the goal

First thing’s first, identify what it is that you are working towards. Be it a product or a sales figure, clearly define this for yourself and your team. This will be what you use to determine the success of the project.

2. Break the goal into individual goals for the team

Each member of your team must have a set of goals to achieve that contribute to the overall goal. As a general rule of thumb, teams perform better when given individual responsibilities – in areas they are skilful in – that can impact the bigger picture. Learning People | Minimalist project manager desk with notebook and coffee

3. Build a schedule

The schedule will be your bible. We all know that all it takes is for one or two tasks to get delayed for all the timings of a project to slide. This is why it’s crucial that you spend the time before a project commences detailing every task in a comprehensive schedule so that everyone in the team is aware. Ensure that the schedule is updated regularly, even daily, so that it is as accurate as possible.

4. Monitor progress

This is less of a tip relating to minimalism and more just a part of being a project manager. You are the guy in charge and therefore must make it your priority to know where the project is, and where your team members are, at all times.

Learning People | Team fist bumping 5. Reflect and learn

Once the project is completed, reflect on your process and identify the areas that you can improve for next time. With every project you will experience different challenges that will force you to put new procedures in place with the goal of creating a streamlined process that everybody can follow without difficulty. Don’t forget to ask every member of your team about their experience of a project, because there will inevitably be things you missed from not being down on the ground.

Become a project management minimalist

By applying the concept of minimalism, removing any unnecessary elements and focusing on the core assets, you can become a much more efficient project manager. It’s like the age old acronym KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid.

Want to skill up so that you can apply these new found tips? Discover our project management courses now.