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Student success: Upskilling with project management courses

Our courses are perfect for people who love the industry and role they currently work in, but they want to update their skill-set to add to their current knowledge base.

Updated on: 14th November 2019

This is exactly what Prince2 and CAPM student, Indye-yah, did. As her role began to evolve, she took the initiative to get in contact with our career consultants about project management training. She’s had a great experience with all the different aspects of Learning People and has built a strong relationship with her career consultant, Alastair, who has helped her on her road to upskilling and thriving in her career.

Learning People | woman smiling in park

What inspired you to begin your online training courses with the Learning People?

“I decided that I needed project management knowledge base, so I registered with yourselves at some point late 2017. The company I work for could only facilitate the foundation part of Prince2 and I wasn’t sure if they would send me on the course, so I decided to fast track that and do it myself independently of any training I would receive internally.”

Why did you choose the Learning People?

“I received a call from one of your career consultants, Alastair. We had a long chat and rearranged a phone meeting for that weekend. Alastair called me at exactly the time we arranged and for the next month, we planned with course was right for me and a financial plan.

“I have to say, I don’t think I made it easy for him at the start as I was unsure if I could complete the course whilst working full-time. In the end, we got all the particulars sorted. Alastair has a good deal of patience and integrity, which made me have a more faith in the product I was purchasing and also in Learning People.

“At this stage, he has answered every question and pointed me in the direction I need to go for customer support and student back up.”

How was your experience with the training courses?

CAPM delivery was really good – it’s extremely visual with good audio and high quality videos.

It has been difficult at times to find the necessary time to study between life events and working. After sharing my concerns, I was advised to call Nick from StudentCare for study advice. He gave me some good information to get my head back in the game so to speak. That extra student support is a vital.”

Do you have any advice for fellow students completing project managements courses with us?

“I encourage all students to get in touch with StudentCare and ask their career consultant lots of questions throughout their training. Use the resources available to you in the course, including material and tasks, as well as the various services available at Learning People.”

Do you feel that you received the right support and information during your training?

“I have a great relationship with Alastair, my career consultant, who has given me the right support throughout. I had some payment issues, but thankfully everything has been resolved quickly and with a professional approach. Another great service delivery from Learning People.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“At this stage, I would definitely recommend Learning People as a resource for project management and will likely be looking at the other online certifications on offer with them, such as IT.”