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What does a career in Project Management involve?

If you’re thinking of embarking on a fresh new career in project management, but haven’t fully researched the role yet, we break down what a position in project management actually involves.

We all know that a project manager is responsible for the smooth running of a project and there are a vast amount of crucial elements that go into completing this successfully.

In this blog, we will examine exactly what you can expect once you become a certified project manager.

Hitting targets

A brief will be formed and approved by the organisation’s key stakeholders with the goals and objectives set. It will then be up to the project manager to understand the brief and to plan and implement the processes towards achieving them.

There will be a unique set of KPIs (key performance indicators) for each task, that a project manager will be expected to consider throughout, as these will be used to measure the success or failure of a task. There will also be a constant flow of communication to stakeholders, to monitor progress. 

Time management is a crucial part of being a project manager. Time restraints will be part of the brief and will dictate when the project needs to be concluded. These will influence how the project is lead and the methods used to complete it.

Learning People | project manager in meeting with diary

Leading a team

Project management heavily involves leading and working in a team. A regular task will be to check in with the relevant team members to ensure that things are running smoothly. Holding appropriate and effective meetings to delegate tasks and keep everyone updated. 

Keeping the team motivated and focused is a key part of project management. You are responsible for the success of your team and keeping them empowered is going to bring better results. Identifying an individual’s strengths and weaknesses is the foundation for a good project manager and methods to do this effectively are taught in all foundation project management certifications.

Handling risk and obstacles

A project manager will be expected to predict and minimise risk and efficiently deal with any obstacles that present themselves during a task. This should begin within the planning processes of the role and continue throughout, until completion. 

It’s a given that potential risks or obstacles can mean elements of the project strategy may have to change. A project manager will need to calmly and proficiently communicate this to all relevant stakeholders and team members to ensure the changes are carried out correctly and with as little uncertainty as possible. 

Learning People | Project manager leading a meeting

Hear from real project managers

A great way to gain an insight into what a project management role involves, is through speaking to real-life project managers.

Felicity James talks about about a typical day at her role at Sky TV as a marketing project manager. 

After checking through my emails, the rest of the day consists of status meetings, client calls, checking budgets, asking for resources and updating timelines.

Bryony Seal, project manager for a leading digital agency, spoke about her favourite parts of the role. 

As a project manager, I’m right in the heart of the project – making sure that all the other pieces of the puzzle fit together. It’s brilliant.”

Spencer Hobbs, a project manager for Network Rail, loves that his tasks can be ever-changing.

There really is no typical day as a project manager, your tasks and time can vary day on day dependant on what a project needs.”

Hear from our students

Our Project Management student Emelie talks about her experience with Learning People and how it’s given her career a boost:

Find more student testimonials on our Student Success page.

Getting started

If the prospect of an exciting and varied career in project management has piqued your interest, our career consultants are waiting to discuss getting your started.

There are opportunities in every industry for project managers, and getting certified is going to bring you to a strong start. Request a callback and begin your journey to your dream career.