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Discover how to enter a new industry

So you’re looking for a career change? Explore how to become a stand out candidate with our guide to getting hired.

Alongside our industry leading training, Learning People also offer a student exclusive Career Services

Our Career Services team are experts in helping our students land their dream roles. We asked them their top tips for entering the tech and project management industries and finding career success.

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Examine your skillset

There’s only so far you can get without having the right skills. If you’re looking to enter a completely new industry, certifications can help you to enter the job market on a level playing field. 

Investing in your skills development is very attractive to employers, especially when you have in-demand certifications under your belt. 

Make sure your chosen training is up to date and that you are learning relevant skills. Research the industry and map out your career pathway to keep things focused.

Technical skills

It goes without saying, you will need to have the competency to carry out your desired role. You don’t want to spend your first day as an IT Technician looking up the difference between hardware and software. 

Transferable skills

It’s likely that you have more soft skills than you realise. These are the inter-personal skills you acquire throughout your life that can be applied to a wide range of situations. Employers are looking for someone who can use these skills to add additional value to their role.

Unsure of which certifications will boost your career? We offer a free career consultation service to give you all the relevant information you need.

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Build your professional brand

When you’ve begun building up your technical skill set through your online training, you’ll soon be looking to approach the jobs market. Our Career Services team strongly recommends building the foundations of your career search before reaching out to any employers.

This includes doing your research within your chosen industry, mapping out an eye-catching CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. 

This is explained in detail during our phase 1 (out of 3) of Career Services with helpful accompanying guides. 


Building up a network of professionals in the same industry is a great way of finding new opportunities. Only a small percentage of job vacancies are displayed on job boards, so networking with relevant recruiters and hiring staff means you are more likely to be aware of vacancies before other candidates. 

If you’re entering a new industry, you may be having to start your network from scratch. Our Career Services team guides you through this during phase 2 of the student exclusive service. You will also receive an in-depth review of what you did in phase 1 with personalised advice.

Applications and Interviews

Once you’re ready to enter your first role in the industry, it’s important you are well prepared for applications and interviews. The more you understand how an application process works and how to present yourself, the better your chances are of being snapped up by an employer.

Phase 3 is the final stage of the Learning People Career Services and it focuses on these areas, helping you to approach applications and interviews with confidence. 

An unrivalled Career Services

So many students join us frustrated and demotivated by their job search. With redundancies at an all time high and many workers left furloughed due to the pandemic, our Career Services team have stepped up to support more people into the tech industry.

We are hosting interactive Career Services workshops where students have a task to complete and to review during the session. The tasks are related to different aspects of the tech industry job market and help students to explore what they are looking for and how to achieve their goals.  

The workshops are hosted on Zoom and are a great opportunity for students to work together and ask any questions they have for the Career Services team.

I signed up with Learning People to do a course on the Monday and I had an interview 2 days later on the Wednesday. They put me in touch with their Career Services advisor Marisha Bakshi on the same day I signed up with Learning People. Her advice & tips on how to prepare for the interview helped me immensely to prepare for the interview beforehand as I got offered the position a few days later.” – Declan Walsh via Trustpilot

Career support programme 

For those who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, have been furloughed, or want to future-proof their career, we’ve launched our Training the nation: career support programme, to fast-track your route to employment.

You can receive part-funding of up to 25% towards your tuition fees and immediate access to our Career Services.

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