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How to find career success in 2021

Discover why our online training and unrivalled career services is exactly what you need to find success in 2021.

Hear from 3 of our students who recently unwrapped the gift of online learning and are already reaping the benefits. 

Dante HealyDanteHealy

Coding student

Overview from Career Services:

Dante had a strong background in finance and was made redundant in March from his role as Project Manager. He enrolled onto our full stack web development course as he had a strong interest in coding. 

It was clear that a junior developer salary would not be feasible for Dante’s circumstances so we devised a plan to focus on finance project manager and fintech project manager roles.

We helped Dante to improve his CV and LinkedIn profile as well as sharing advice for networking in the industry.  We then covered interview prep for both phone and video interviews. 

Dante has now landed a daily rate contract role with Mars as a Finance Project Manager. The project is estimated to have a 2-year duration. Dante is over the moon as this opportunity opens a world of pastures new. It has given him the gentle push he needed to open a LTD company with confidence. 

His long-term plan is to become an entrepreneur using his knowledge of software engineering, finance, and project management – this role is his first step in that direction.

The results:

  • Secured a role of Finance Project Manager at Mars

Dante says:

What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

“The whole process from the initial engagement with the team to then learning and developing new skills really stood me in great stead, even during COVID-19. Sharon was persuasive in the best way by letting me try the five day challenge which I completed in a day. 

“The lockdown period was one of relative isolation having been separated from my former company – without Learning People’s support as well as the student community in my course I would have struggled more than I did – which thankfully wasn’t actually a struggle.”

How have you found the support by Career Services?

“Spot-on, the support has been tremendous – Robyn has been a tremendous source of guidance and support for me during this time. 

“I hadn’t interviewed for over 12 years and her guidance, encouragement and support was invaluable in giving me the confidence to not just to continue to persevere, but also have confidence that I would be successful.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“Yes, learning new skills is critical in the new economy and this platform enabled me to polish up my existing soft skills and augment them with in demand technical digital skills required for the new economy. 

“The support has been excellent as well as the courses which I’ve benefited from immensely.”

Abdullah Nassarabdullah-nassar-IT-student-photo

IT student

Overview from Career Services:

Abdullah requested support from Career Services as he was keen to start his career in IT while studying for his CompTIA A+ and CompTIA N+ qualifications. He had been applying for entry-level roles but had not been getting the response he was hoping for. 

After our initial consultation about his CV and general approach to finding opportunities it was quite clear that it would not be long before Abdullah would attract employers because of his genuine love for computers and high level customer service skills from his retail experience.

As expected, he secured an interview with a prestigious college and we immediately jumped to run through expected interview questions and techniques to prepare for them. We were delighted to hear that he was offered the position over 6 other candidates they had interviewed that day. We are really looking forward to watching how Abdullah progresses through his course and new career.

The results:

  • Secured a new role as a Junior IT Technician

Abdulah says:

What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

“My favourite part of Learning People is the pure passion from the staff. Never have I experienced such amazing customer service. They have helped me through thick and thin, even during this pandemic!”

How have you found the support by Career Services?

“There is not an aspect that was bad from the Career Services, I was guided brilliantly by Marisha through the CV [review]. Once completed I surprisingly managed to land an interview. The Career Services tailored the course around me and managed to get me some “revision” for my interview and some brilliant top tips. Without a doubt these made me stand out and feel confident within my interview”

Would you recommend Learning People?

I would recommend Learning People to anyone who is looking for their next step. For me it was trying to move from retail, into the IT career which I have a huge passion for. If you want to get a qualification and prep for an interview this is 100% the place to go, and at a very affordable rate. Once again, tailored to what I could afford.

Niall Morton

IT student

Overview from Career Services:

Niall was already CompTIA A+ certified when he came to Career Services for support. He had excellent sales and customer service experience but was struggling to land any interviews for IT technician roles – which is what he wanted to do while working through the Cyber Security collection. 

After helping him focus his CV on the new skills he was learning plus highlighting his strong customer service experience throughout his interview preparation, he secured an interview. Niall was offered the job of IT Service Desk Analyst for a global manufacturing business.

The results:

  • Completed the CompTIA A+
  • Secure the new role of IT Service Desk Analyst for a major global manufacturer



Niall says:

What has been the best part of your Learning People experience?

“It definitely has to be the career service for me, they really helped me get ready so I could start looking at entry level IT roles. Marisha gave me tips on my LinkedIn, helped me with my CV and guided me to do the career research and company research I needed to do when making this career change. Not only that but in the lead up to interviews we would book in calls to prepare and she advised me on what questions to ask.

“Marisha gave me some really interesting advice about recruiters and what questions to ask. She also advised me to question why, if you get turned down for jobs and by doing this I actually got the position as an IT Service Desk Analyst which I am working in now.”

How have you found the support by Career Services?

“Amazing, from the first time I contacted them to when I got a job, the communication has been brilliant and the tips they have given me are great. I am not even near the end of my training yet and they have given me all this support, just after completing the first certification of my collection of courses. I look forward to working with Career Services again in the future once I am qualified to move into cyber security.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“Yes definitely, I’ve had an all round great experience. Jasmine was patient, informative and incredibly helpful from the beginning when we discussed the career pathways, broke down the courses and she made sure everything was right for me.

“I’ve already had so much help and support so far and I am really enjoying continuing my studies while working in the industry.”

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