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Meet our project management students

Discover how our project management training has opened up an array of career opportunities for our students. 

Published on:  22 April 2020

We spoke to a few of our current and former project management students about their learning journey with us. Learn more about why they enrolled onto our project management course, what they’re working on at the moment, and the impact the course has had on their career currently, and how it’ll help them in the future.

Learning People | Project management student headshots collage

Why get certified in project management?

Whether you need support in a current role or are looking for a career change, our students knew getting certified in project management was the right decision for them.

Owen had been working in IT Support for around 10 years and was looking for a fresh challenge. He enrolled onto our PRINCE2® collection to get certified to kickstart his project management career pathway.

Matthew was looking to upskill in project management with the PRINCE2 courses and PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP).

Carlotta wanted to build on her education. “I wanted to become certified with these skills because I wanted to add it to my career study and combine it with my masters degree.”

Why choose Learning People as a project management course provider?

Owen began searching for a training provider and came across our Trustpilot page. “I decided to study with Learning People after having read a number of really positive, online reviews.

“I then had a consultation call which went really well. In fact everyone that I’ve spoken to at Learning People have all been really professional, really helpful and really encouraging.”

Matthew also credited the consultation call. “The consultation call was very reassuring. The lady who called me was very easy to understand and talk to. She was friendly and very knowledgeable which gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing.”

Carlotta wanted a provider she could trust. “I chose Learning People to become PRINCE2 certified because they were, first of all, a (FCA) certified organisation. Secondly, since the first time I got in touch with them, they were very reliable, trustful and they could help me in anything, at any moment.”

What are the challenges you’ve faced whilst studying in project management?

Getting certified is an incredible way to boost your career but definitely doesn’t come without its challenges. Luckily our project management students managed to push through thanks to student support and the key resources included in the training.

Owen found there were 2 main challenges during his studies. “Firstly, there’s a lot of new concepts and new terminology to get to grips with. I found that the online video resources helped me absorb this information in a pretty painless way.

“The second main challenge was that I hadn’t taken any exam of any sort for quite a long time, so being able to take the mock exams that came with the course, that was really helpful. I went through those in great detail and that definitely helped.”

Owen also found it can be challenging to know what to include on a CV to grab a hiring manager’s attention, once you approach the job market. “Probably the most value I got was via the (Career Services), because I don’t like working on my CV, so getting expert help was great.”

Matthew also shared that “the main challenge that I had while studying was maintaining the hours of study while doing full-time job search. However the two things compliment each other, and the online learning gives you the flexibility to study at your own pace.”

Carlotta overcame some big challenges. “Whilst I was studying for the PRINCE2 certification, I faced some challenges. The main one was keeping up motivation. Also, having good organisation between work and study. But I did it, although I did make some sacrifices. I think it’s really important to be motivated and also very organised.”

How has the project management training had an impact on you and your career? 

Owen has already seen some great success since completing his first courses. “Getting certified in a new skill meant that I was able to apply for jobs that previously I wouldn’t have been able to apply for… now I’m on a completely different career path to the one that I was on before, which is really exciting. That’s what I wanted out of this whole thing. 

“So I got a role as a project support officer initially, and then after 6 months I progressed onto become an assistant project manager.”

Matthew is feeling confident for the future. “Certification has greatly improved my project management knowledge which will be useful in my new career.”

Carlotta found her new skills in project management have supported her in her current role. “The PRINCE2 Agile certification helps me on a daily basis.”

What was the most important thing that you learnt during your project management training? 

Owen had a great lesson to share. “The most important thing that I’ve learnt, well it’s really reminded me that studying can be really rewarding. You put in a lot of really hard work and you get a qualification at the end of it and that’s a very satisfying feeling, particularly if it helps you progress, and move in a direction that you want to go in your career, which it did for me.”

Matthew echoed: “The most important thing that I’ve learned is that we should never stop learning.”

Carlotta shared some useful advice. “It’s very important to ask advice from people with knowledge, like with Learning People’s expertise, in order to get straight to the point and don’t lose time and energy.”

We’re really excited about the next generation of students as they navigate the project management world. If this sounds like you, then discover more about a career in project management, and feel free to arrange a consultation call with one of our experts today to find out how you can start.