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Student success: Rediscovering a love for coding with the Full Stack Developer course

Spencer was searching for a way that he could update and refresh his already solid coding knowledge.

Updated on: 20th February 2020

After looking online and seeing a number of options that didn’t offer the course material and support he wanted, he found us. Spencer has recently become a certified Full Stack Developer and has achieved his goal of working as a Senior Software Developer.

Learning People | Full stack web developer student Spencer

Why did you choose Learning People?

“I checked out many different courses. First I thought why not do a masters, a quick look at the £12k yearly fee put me off that idea, plus what would I actually learn. Universities are great places to go to get the theory, but for practical stuff you’re better looking elsewhere, believe me. Then I found loads of online courses all promising zero to hero and some of them were cheap – I mean really cheap like £100 or so. Too good to be true? It definitely is.”

“I chose Learning People because of the support network, because the course is university credit rated and content is industry led.”

Can you tell us about your experience with the Full Stack Developer course?

“Initially I found it rather easy having already done a degree, and then I found it more challenging as I started learning some cool new things which I use now at work.

“What doing this course did for me was give me my passion for coding back – priceless! It also provided me with a clearly defined road map of how to get from nowhere I wanted to be somewhere I wanted to go.”

Did you receive the right support and information before, during and after your training?

“The support I was given was fantastic throughout my time with the course. I really don’t see what more could have been done by them.”

What advice would you give to Learning People students?

“To take their time, enjoy the experience, to code regularly. Be social on the chat channels (but not so much that you don’t work). Make the most of your time with your mentor. Stay focussed on your goal.

“If you are wanting to update your skills and/or get your passion back for coding then do it. If you are a career changer and you’ve never coded before do it too – and I promise you that on successful completion you’ll be more useful than your average guy that just finished a three year computer science degree.”

Are you ready to start a thriving career in code? Whether you know the basics or the coding language isn’t one you can speak yet, get in touch with our expert career consultants today for a free, impartial chat about how to get you career ready.

If you’d like to read more about Spencer, his experience with Learning People and his rediscovered love for coding, you can check out his blog