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Student success: The benefit of our consultation calls

Andrew was keen to upskill in coding when he found Learning People. He shares his journey of studying the full stack developer course.

Updated on: 19th February 2020

Learning People | Full stack web developer student Andrew What motivated you to begin your full stack developer course with Learning People?

“I had several calls with Stuart, my career consultant, and was happy that he presented my options in a realistic manner. Before committing to any courses or advice, he was insistent that I tried some free online resources to make sure that I had a feel for the code. it was this level of care that made me feel that I was in good hands.” 

What was involved in your career consultation calls and did you find them useful?

“I had several consultation calls. The main reason for this is that I’m 40+ and frankly knew that the career change at this stage of life could be a risky move. I was also worried that my age and lack of relevant experience would count against me once I’d gained the qualification and was actively seeking work. Stuart was able to allay any fears that I had, but did so without making any grand claims or false promises.”

Did you enjoy the full stack developer course?

“I found the course interesting, and because of this was able to hit the ground running. I enjoyed learning about not only the coding languages, but also the related frameworks and technologies. As you can imagine, nearly all of this was new to me so it made the experience all the more fascinating.”

Why did you choose the Learning People over other learning providers?

“I liked that it was presented as a full package inclusive of the course as well as mentoring, career advice, and even a TOTUM student card.”

What advice would you give to fellow students completing online courses with us?

“Time management is incredibly important, as is finding a routine that works for you. I found that I was able to do 1 hour during my lunch at work, and a further 2-3 hours on an evening after putting my daughter to bed.

My wife was very accommodating here, and had to put up with months of me tapping away at a laptop and occasionally yelping in triumph or frustration whilst she wound down watching tv.”

Did you receive the right support and information throughout your training?

“I feel happy with the level of support that I received. Stuart was fantastic in helping me pick the right course.”

Find out more about Andrew’s student journey, in his student testimonial video.

Full Stack Web Developer student Andrew Porritt

If you’re inspired by Andrew’s story and you’d like to learn more about where a career in coding can take you. Get in touch with our expert coding career consultants to discuss how a coding course can kickstart your career.