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Student testimonial: A certification gained me a salary raise

Tomasz Skowron enrolled on our CompTIA Linux+ training package in January – he shares his learning experience so far with us.

Published on: 23rd November 2016

What led you to enrolling on the online training with Learning People?

“I currently work as a junior support engineer for Process Systems Enterprise, a supplier of advanced process modelling software and model based engineering and innovation services to the process industries. I signed up with the Learning People for my training because it was a reasonable price and for the convenience of an online learning course.”

How did you find the training?

“The training platform has been very easy to navigate, especially because it is Java based and multi-platform. This means I can connect from Linux machines as well, which is important in my line of work.”

How has your student experience been?

“I have been supported by the Learning People team extremely well, with all my questions being promptly answered. So far the certification training has gained me a salary raise, primarily because it is seen as a validation of my skillset.

“I am quite confident about passing the next exam because the training prepares you well, and I have already completed the first part so I know what to expect.

“In five years time I would like to be a senior systems administrator, and I know the CompTIA Linux+ certification is the right path to help me get there.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“I would be likely to recommend the Learning People to my colleagues, friends and family because the course is well structured and easy to take on – I think most people would find benefits from it.”