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Student testimonial: Azhar Chaudri and his career journey

With 20 years experience as an IT professional, Azhar talks to us about his decision to upskill into cyber security to meet the job market demand. 

Published on: 4th December 2019


What first led you to consider our cyber security course?

“Although I did have experience in security before I joined Learning People, it was confined to SAP. I was approaching 50 and after conversing with a friend who is a Cyber Security Consultant, he suggested I make a transition to this ‘new frontier’ in IT.

I quickly learned there was a great demand for roles in this sector and since I was geographically mobile, my opportunities were greatly enhanced, in comparison with my previous role.”

Did you have any previous experience in cyber security?

“I come from an IT background and have almost 20 years of experience in the industry, mainly in SAP which has allowed me to work on many interesting projects in different environments, mainly across Europe. I now aim to replicate the same success in cyber security, and I credit Learning People with setting me on that path.”

What happened after you finished your course?

“After undergoing the courses with Learning People I was exposed to how vast the cyber security field was and how many different and varied facets were associated with it.

One must always be mindful that this industry is changing much faster than others in IT, so it’s important to continue to learn and develop. Thankfully, there are a lot of resources out there that can help and aid in this process, but a methodical and focused approach is required to learn in a meaningful, beneficial way.”

What was the highlight of your Learning People experience?

“Studying with Learning People allowed me the time to understand the many concepts, while gaining expertise and knowledge at the same time, in both theoretical and practical environments.”

How did Learning People help boost your employability?

“I received expert advice from the Learning People CV detox team who helped conduct a ‘detox’ on my resume, providing me with indispensable, constructive criticism and helpful suggestions. After dissecting my CV meticulously, I felt my CV was much improved and would help me to be in greater contention for upcoming roles.

“My LinkedIn profile was thoroughly checked and I enacted the requisite changes to make it stand out more than previously.

“I received invaluable support and advice from the Career Services team at the company who made recommendations regarding job applications and interview tips and techniques.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“I wholeheartedly commend Learning People and have no hesitation in endorsing them. They have set me on the path of a new career that I thoroughly enjoy and am totally ambitious in succeeding in.”

We are happy to announce Azhar successfully landed a role in cyber security and we wish him the best of luck in his new career. 

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