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Student testimonial: eLearning is the future

Meven Le Fevre enrolled for his CAPM training in July this year; we’re happy to hear how he’s getting on.

Image of Meven Le Fevre, a student studying his CAPM

Currently working for himself as an independent sales representative for Spanish and Portuguese aluminium and steel casing foundries, Meven’s work requires him to negotiate contracts and initiate then manage a good working relationship between client and supplier.

“I enrolled with the Learning People because the eLearning I could do at home suited my needs, the cost was affordable and it was easy to negotiate splitting payments to suit my income.

“The training platform is clear and easy to navigate, while job aids and skills briefs helped me complete each lesson.

“Throughout the whole process I have been supported really well by the Learning People team – this includes my initial enquiries and speaking to the finance department.

“In five years time I hope to be part of a project team, mainly on oil and gas projects, or even energy related projects such as off shore windmill installation, LNG facilities, or pipeline construction. 

“My dream is to relocate to North America.

“There is huge project on track there in the energy sector and my goal is to become part of the team – I knew a certification would give me a better chance and ensure I can offer something fresh and professional to the project.

“When I was working as a freight forwarder, acting as a support team for an oil and gas project in Africa, I attended a meeting held by the supply chain management of the company. 

“I saw how the meeting was conducted focusing on the different phases of the project. 

“That’s exactly why I chose to do the CAPM, because it offers that perspective and understanding.

“I want to be able to approach projects with a clear, step by step method from piloting the project to its end. 

“I would recommend the Learning People to all of those who want obtain a PMI certification from the comfort and convenience of their own home.

“It’s easy to enroll, you can access the training at anytime, and you receive access to a PMI membership, which offers more information, data, news and guidelines.

“Generally speaking, I think eLearning is the future for all of those who want to acquire more skills.

“I believe that the Learning People offer state of the art support.”