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Student testimonial: I can now deliver a better product for my company

We love hearing back from students, at any point in their learning journey, so we’re delighted to be able to share this testimony from David Findlay, who is currently studying for his CAPM.

Headshot of student, David Findlay

David is a Charge Hand Electrician with a Dundee based electrical contractor.

He is responsible for the day to day control and running of the electrical phases of new build housing, which includes H7S, labour and material control and delivering a final product that meets stakeholder demands.

Studying with the Learning People

“I originally looked at various internet based companies who provided the type of training I wanted.

“One of the learning consultants at the Learning People, Ben, was the one who provided me with the best option.

“He was in contact frequently without being too pushy”.

Choosing the certification

“I originally looked to do a Six Sigma course, but again, after talks with Ben and my current employer, I decided to pursue a CAPM certification”.

The training so far

“The CAPM course is entirely what I needed.

“It is flexible and very easy to use, even for a computer novice like me.

“I can drift in and do a bit whenever I have the spare time, and, as I still have a demanding job, this fits in very well with my lifestyle”.

Support from the Learning People

“When choosing the correct package and finance options etc., I was supported fully.

“I have not yet had the need to contact StudentCare™ as the course is very well structured.

“However, I have complete faith that should I need to contact anyone, then I would be fully supported”.

Career benefits

“The majority of my training has been leadership and team management orientated so far – this has been really useful in dealing with various contractors who often cause problems.

“Studying with the Learning People has allowed me to focus more on my job; meaning I can deliver a better product for my company”.

Recommending the Learning People

“Based on my experience so far, I would whole heartedly recommend the Learning People.

“The staff are friendly, approachable and, more to the point, they know their stuff, which makes choosing any course that much more easier”.