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Student testimonial: I could not have passed without the Learning People

We have another testimonial for you this week because we just can’t stop sharing examples of the difference training can make to your career.

Published on: 23rd November 2016

This week, we spoke to Brad, a network integration manager in the telecoms industry, who has just passed his Cisco CCNA exam and is now studying for his CCDA certification with the Learning People.

Why did you choose to do your online training with Learning People?

“Learning People made it very easy to get set up for the Cisco training pack.  I wasn’t sure that I would like the style of the course, but I found it to my liking.  Then I was supported through the initial set up phase, which helped me get into the training schedule.  Being able to do the course through online learning enabled me to study in my spare time at home, in breaks at work and even when I was away traveling. Without this flexibility I would not have been able to progress through the training at a regular enough speed to prepare for the examination.

“Learning People have been great and have always answered my questions quickly.  On the few occasions when I have had problems with accessing the tools, they supported me really well and got me back up and running again in no time. I think it is this support to customers that really makes the Learning People a company that I will come back to use again in the future”.

How are you finding the training?

“The training tool is perfect for the Cisco courses.  Training modules really do a good job at teaching the subject matter, but where it really excels is in the interactive parts of the course with tests to reinforce your knowledge and simulated tutorials that give you a chance to work on lifelike problems. I recently sat the Cisco CCNA exam and passed it on my first attempt. 
“The training from Learning People prepared me very well for the examination and I could not have passed without it. I am now moving onto the next course and am feeling very satisfied with my progress”.

How did the training benefit your career?

“This gives me a formal qualification that is industry recognised and shows future employers that I possess a certain level of knowledge within the area. Of course this will be invaluable for progressing my career both in my current job and in future job applications. 
“I can now refer to the qualifications gained as evidence that I have the required knowledge to perform the required tasks of a job”.

Would you recommend the Learning People?

“Absolutely; the support I have received has been second to none, and they have enabled me to achieve the qualifications that I had been putting off trying to get.  If you are unsure then try out a trial of the course like I did, that way you can see in advance if you are happy with the style of learning”.

If you have been inspired by Brad’s journey and want to enquire how our training could boost your career, get in touch now.