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Student testimonial: It was about the right training to enhance my career

When one of our students let us know on Twitter that he’d passed his CompTIA A+ last week, it made our day.

Published on: 1st December 2016

Tony Fisher shares with us about student journey and how he found the online training.

How was your Learning People experience?

“I had been working in an IT testing environment for close to ten years when I decided to embark on a Business Management degree. Three years later and the degree was over, but the jobs market was still in a poor state with more graduates than it could handle.

“In spite of the numerous applications and days spent handing out CVs I received nothing but rejections, six months on and I still had no employment.

“I began to realise that I was better off in IT where at least I could use my knowledge and skills. When I decided to update my IT skills there was no shortage of training companies offering training packages with varying extras. I spent some time comparing the different training options, after all the training had to be right for me.

“It wasn’t long before I contacted Learning People to find out more and to discuss what options they could recommend. Right from the beginning I could see that the support staff were excellent – it wasn’t about selling me a training package, it was about getting me the right training to enhance my career.

“This level of dedicated support has continued as I progressed through the CompTIA A+ – there was even a call from StudentCare™ the day before my exam to wish me luck and to generally see how I was doing. The training materials and the format in which the training is delivered is fantastic and really keeps you engaged in the topic.

“Using these methods I am confident that I will be able to successfully progress through the remaining elements of my training program.”