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Student testimonial: It will make me a better project manager

Freelance project manager, Kirsty Ogilvie, manages and delivers integrated brand and communications projects for various clients. 

With specialist knowledge in financial and professional services and the oil industry, Kirsty works on projects ranging from creating a small website or app to large, complex marketing and communication programmes.

Why did you choose the Learning People?

“I have over ten years of practical project management experience but no certification.

“I also had a career break to have my children and wanted to make sure I was certified and up to date on the latest project management practices.

“A project management certification can make all the difference on your CV as to whether you get hired or not, so I wanted to put myself in the best possible position.”

How was the training platform?

“Very easy indeed – the set up is well structured and easy to navigate and if you have any problems you have instant access to a team who can help answer them.”

How well were you supported by the Learning People team?

“Really well supported.  

“Any time that I had a question or query it was answered usually within 24 hours if it couldn’t be answered immediately.” 

What difference has the PMP training made to your career so far?

“I have always known that I have the practical skills but it is nice to have that reinforced by an internationally recognised certification.  

“This training will open doors to opportunities that I may not have considered before and will ultimately make me a better project manager.”  


Where will you be in five years?

“I would like to be head of a project management office or a programme manager.”

What advice would you offer fellow students?

“Check out exactly how long the course will take and how many hours of study you need to put into it.  

“Self study is hard work and you have to be very well motivated and disciplined.  

“Set yourself goals and stick to them.  

“Understand what it is that motivated you to sign up to the course and remind yourself of this when you are having a day where it all just seems like too much work.” 

Would you recommend the Learning People?

“Based on my experience, yes I would be highly likely to do so.

“The PMP course I have studied is well structured, thorough and rigorous.”