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Student testimonial: Never stop learning

We’re proud of our staff here at the Learning People and we couldn’t be prouder of Steve, our Senior Learning Consultant who passed his CAPM recently.

Senior Learning Consultant, Steve

Studying for any certification can be daunting, especially when you have a job to juggle your studies around. 

Steve Dhiman has been on our team for two years, but his career aspirations lie in project management in humanitarian efforts around the world.

“As with many industries now, half the work to be done is project related in one sense or another. 

“Therefore gaining the Certified Associate in Project Management – CAPM – certification was at the top of an ever expanding to do list. 

“In terms of navigating around the training, I found it really easy to use and very interactive, which I find is the best way for me to learn.

“It’s tricky fitting the studying around your day job, but as long as you’re committed you can do it. 

“I used a weekly time table planner like the ones you get at school and stuck it on the fridge.

Revision advice

“My advice for revision would be to take the mock exam at least three times.

“Shortly before the real exam do a mock one again but write down the answers to all the questions you got wrong and go over them again and again until you know them. 

“That’s what I did and a lot of them came up in the real exam, which is what got me through it.

“The mock exam is a very close reflection of what the real exam is like – you have three hours to answer as thoroughly as you’re able to. 

“On the back of the CAPM I already have a two week placement on a program in September.

“I’m also currently considering a further two year paid placement in Uganda as well as a separate four month placement elsewhere. 

Steve teaching abroad

“Those opportunities were offered to me without any actual deliberate job seeking on my part, so they’re really exciting. 

“My longer term career goal is to work in International Development or Humanitarian Aid.

“There are many steps to take in this direction before I can realistically expect to get a permanent role – one of them is project management.

“Going forward I need Microsoft Project and agile training but I also want to get the Six Sigma Green Belt.

“There are also courses in logistics and water sanitation that I will pursue – and I’m going to start French lessons! 

“I’m passionate about constant learning and development, and believe that you need to be certified in order to become a credible prospective employee with something valuable and unique to offer – particularly in project management related areas. 

“As Nelson Mandela stated, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’, and I want to be part of that change.”