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Student testimonial: The courses have helped me find my first job in two years

Gary McAdam, who until recently, was a student with the Learning People, talks about his course, his experience with us, and how the training has helped his career.

Published on: 23rd November 2016

Why did you choose to do your online training with Learning People?

“Before embarking on a course with the Learning People, I had worked in IT for ten years but had never completed an exam, so didn’t have any credentials. Last March I enrolled on a beginners IT package – including MCITP Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician, CompTIA A+ and ITIL Foundation 2011 – after speaking to a friendly learning consultant.
“I decided to study with the Learning People because I’d looked at the company website and seen some great feedback from other customers – which always helps when making important decisions – and the prices are very reasonable.”

How are you finding the training?

“In terms of the course being good value for money, I would honestly say that the bundle package was more cost effective than simply doing one or two similar courses alone, which was important to me at the time because I wasn’t working and only had a limited budget.

“Throughout the training I found Learning People and Skillsoft very easy to deal with, especially when talking me through the few technical issues I had during the course. Also, being able to do the course at my own pace was very beneficial, because I was a full time carer for my elderly grandmother at the time.”

“When I had to take time out due to my Gran’s serious illness and subsequently passing away earlier this year, Nick on the StudentCare™ team was understanding and gave me an extension to the course license which was much appreciated. Because of this I was able to complete all the units, and Nick then pointed me in the right direction for the exams.”

How did the training benefit your career?

“The training was invaluable because I was able to list the courses I was studying on my CV and on job applications, which showed potential employers that I was willing to keep my skills and knowledge up to date and personally invest in my future. 

“All of this helped me secure my first job in two years.”

Would you recommend the Learning People?

“I would definitely sign up for another course with the Learning People because they have been really helpful and obliging as a training provider, and the courseware from Skillsoft was well structured and easy to learn”.

If you have been inspired by Gary’s journey and want to enquire how our training could boost your career, get in touch now.