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Student testimonial: The Learning People cares about quality training

To ensure we continuously deliver the best possible service we can, testimonials from our students are essential.

Image of Mags, a student studying her PMP certification

This week we heard back from Mags, a student studying for her PMP accreditation with us.

Mags is currently engaged in programmes aiming to support manufacturing SMEs – small and medium enterprises – aspiring to join the supply chain.

These programmes are publicly funded and delivered by a research centre specialising in advanced manufacturing.

Why did you choose the Learning People for your training?

“I have degrees in management, marketing and international relations.

“Project management was taught within these courses across various modules.

“However, I wanted to refresh my knowledge through training that would integrate all areas of project management into one tailored program.

“Despite having qualifications, I also recognised the value in gaining a professional accreditation because it would be recognised by future employers.

“I spent a lot of time researching to find a suitable course and eventually settled on the Learning People as the best option for me.

“The training package ticked all the boxes – it included three sought after courses in one, the price was better than other options I had found, the online format suited me, and the scope of the course was broad and aligned with PMI PMBOK.

“What I like about PMI qualifications and membership is that it requires commitment to ethics and essential core values as well as continuous personal and professional development.

“What I appreciate the most about the training is that it’s not a crash course to leave you qualified but still uncertain in your capability; it is thorough.

“I prefer to study at my own pace rather than fast tracking through a class based course.

“The learning consultant I spoke to helped me come to my final decision, and even offered a guaranteed option to switch from own to employer funding in the middle of the training, which did influence my decision.”

How well do you feel you are supported by the team?

“I had been in touch with a learning consultant for awhile before I registered and he was consistently patient and proactively helpful.

“This has not changed despite having registered now and his initial job having been done – he still goes the extra mile to sort out my needs.

“As soon as I registered I was offered an orientation to learn how to use the platform itself and how to access other resources.

StudentCare™ reply to any enquiries within hours, and I never feel left on my own.

“I literally feel like I have been guided through my course, and it’s clear that the Learning People care about the quality of the training but also about the overall student experience and satisfaction.”

What difference has training for your PMP made to your career so far?

“My workplace works to certain methodologies, and my colleagues have already spotted that I have adjusted my project management approach to match the one they are accustomed with.

“I consistently use the same terminology, and I’m now more confident to act independently without having to double check that we’re all on the same page.

“Before the course, I had developed a methodology for project reporting, which the training helped me to clearly explain how it supports the management of my current company’s projects; it was extremely well received – especially its quality.

“This has led to me being given greater responsibilities, even outside the projects I am primarily involved in.”

What advice would you offer other students studying for their PMP?

“Plan your work well, booking time out to do so.

“Commit to your studies and absolutely take the mock exam.”

How likely are you to recommend the Learning People to friends, family and colleagues?

“Absolutely no doubt.

“My employer offered to take over the funding of my course after I recommended the Learning People over other providers.

“There is a chance that, should they wish to support another employee with their training in the future, the Learning People would be first choice and I would definitely support it.”