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Student testimonial: The team were absolutely wonderful

Cyber security has been a big concern across the globe recently, and one of our students aims to work in this field through training.

Image of Siddharth Bandyopadhyay, an IT student with the Learning People

Siddharth Bandyopadhyay currently works for an international television channel as head of their small IT team.

The job includes controlling the servers, transmission and broadcasting.

However, with the aim to work in cyber security one day, Siddharth has recently completed his CCNA certification and CCNA Security with us.

Why did you decide to study with the Learning People?

“I used to live in Leeds before and I was out of a proper job for a long time which was really frustrating.

“Also I was finding it hard to even be considered for an IT job, particularly networking or engineering roles – which is what I wanted.

“Then I got my current position and the company agreed to help me with my training.

“In London I have to remain very competitive, so I have to have some qualifications and on going certifications to remain in the job market.

“I checked my emails one day and there was one from the Learning People.

“After putting in my details, I received a phonecall the next day from a learning consultant and he described the course benefits to me, really making me feel happy it was a great option for me.

“Initially I was apprehensive about eLearning, and was worried that I would be left on my own once I’d invested in it, but as soon as I’d signed up with the Learning People the team were absolutely wonderful.”

How easy was it to get started on the training?

“I was trying to train for my CCNA for three or four years using books and my own research, but every time I prepared I never found myself very confident and never went ahead with the exam.

“I don’t believe you can pass the CCNA exams by just studying the books because they are very difficult.

“The online training route appealed to me, so I took the chance and tried it.

“The audio visual content helped me understand concepts that I hadn’t grasped before, despite my years of trying.

“For me, the training was very effective, and it was also really convenient – I was able to spend time on it whenever I wanted to.”

How well do you feel that you are supported by the Learning People?

“Each member of staff I spoke to was 100% helpful, especially the learning consultant who I spoke to quite often throughout my training – he became more like a friend.

“If I had any problems my learning consultant immediately went away to find a solution for me.

“I also spoke to StudentCare™ throughout the process and they helped me with all the details patiently and clearly.

“Even the mentors respond to you incredibly quickly, which is amazing because I had expected to have to wait for a response, but I received some feedback pretty much straight away.

“My mentor advised me to not get nervous, but to keep going over whatever practical labs I had done to build my confidence, which I really appreciated.”

What difference has gaining a certification made to your career?

“I’m proud to say I have just cleared my CCNA Security quite quickly, and I now aim to complete my CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker – certification.

“The reason I’m working at such a fast pace is because I know I’ll be supported by the Learning People, and thanks to my experience so far, my confidence has increased – I know I can achieve this now.

“For years I have been yearning to work in the IT security industry and to earn a high wage, and I know if I pass these certifications I can work my way up professionally in network engineer positions like a lot of my friends have already done. 

“And because of the CCNA certifications I have gained, for the first time in years I have started to receive responses from job applications which I believe is because I now have these on my CV.

“It’s been a huge boost in confidence.”

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years time?

“I don’t want to remain as just a network engineer – my dream is to work in some sort of cyber security role.

“That’s why I have enrolled in the CCNA Security and will continue onto the CEH as soon as I can.

“When I carried out my research the CCNA seems to be the basic requirement for the vast majority of companies, so doors have already opened for me because I have that.

“I will continue studying security across any courses I can, so eventually I can start to apply for investigation roles as a security personnel, perhaps in the Police for example.”

July 2014 – Great news! Since Siddharth was kind enough to participate in this testimonial with us he has been hired by a global corporation as a network security engineer – the job he has dreamt of for several years and another significant stepping stone on his career path.

We’re thrilled to congratulate Siddharth on all his hard work, having seen him achieve huge success since he signed up with the Learning People eight months ago.

Ben, the senior learning consultant who has been overseeing Siddharth’s training, says,

“Siddharth completely encapsulates why we do what we do here at the Learning People – it’s incredibly fulfilling hearing such fantastic news and I couldn’t be happier for him.

“Our aim is to help people advance their career through our training, resources, and support from the team, and it’s great we’ve been able to provide this for Siddharth.

“Siddharth’s attitude, commitment, and determination has been excellent from the very beginning, and, through this, he has achieved his goals, doubling his salary to a whopping £45,000 and opening doors to future training and job opportunities.”

Siddharth is now embarking on his CEH certification, we’ll let you know how he gets on.

A heart felt congratulations from the whole team here at the Learning People Siddharth.