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Student testimonial: The training is brilliant, and easy and fun to pick up

We’re really proud of our starting out in IT courses here at the Learning People, in terms of the doors they open for your career and the well structured and inviting format.

Published on: 23rd November 2016

We spoke to Geoffrey Williams who is currently studying with the Learning People, about his experience of starting out in IT.

Why did you choose to do your online training with Learning People?

“As I’m working at the moment I wanted a course that would fit around my job and be easily accessible at any time. Learning People were brilliant, they helped me find the right courses easily and quickly, so that I could start learning straight away.”

How are you finding the training?

“The training is brilliant, and fun and easy to pick up. Being able to print out my course notes to read on my breaks at work means I can always keep up to date.”

How did the training benefit your career?

“Hopefully this will help me move on in my IT career, until eventually – fingers crossed – I can move into the gaming industry where I would love to be.”

Would you recommend the Learning People?

“Yes – they are helpful, fun and really nice people to study with. I would encourage anyone to give them a go, especially if you have a job and need to fit studying around a busy schedule.”