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Student testimonial: There would be someone there if I needed them

Back in June Jodie Edgell enrolled on a starting out in IT training package, including MCSA Windows Server 2012 and MCSE Windows Server 2012.

Image of tech student, Jodie Edgell

Jodie currently works as a network manager at a special education school in Bath.

Her main responsibilities include maintenance of all equipment considered to be in the IT remit.

This includes the upkeep and update of the virtual servers that run the network, and management of all software and systems on the network.

What made you join the Learning People for your training?

“Having started my career as a technician, I don’t have a lot of experience as a network engineer but am in such a job role with no team around me.

“This can be stressful so I needed the extra knowledge and understanding a certification could give to make me more confident to do my job well.

“I chose the Learning People because they are friendly, offered helpful advice and were overall the most cost effective way of being able to learn in my own time.”

How easy have you found the training platform to navigate?

“It’s very easy to navigate and I haven’t had a problem looking at the sections I need or figuring out what’s coming next.”

How well do you feel you are supported by the Learning People team?

“I have received several emails asking if I need help, and although I haven’t so far I feel there would be someone there if I needed them.” 

What difference has the training in your IT package made to your career so far?

“So far it has helped me fix day to day issues at work much more efficiently because I have a better understanding of how the underlying systems work.”

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years time?

“I would hope to be competent in all areas of my job, and confident that I could go from one area of IT to another without hesitation.”

What advice would you offer other students studying for a Microsoft certification?

“Make sure you have the time to do it – it’s not easy and it’s not quick.

“If you want to do this course, you need to make time for it and be wholly committed to completing it.”

How likely are you to recommend the Learning People to friends, family and colleagues?

“I am very likely to recommend the Learning People.

“They have helped me get on board and start studying again.

“It’s great that you can log into Skillport, the learning platform, from pretty much anywhere and do an extra bit of studying.

“This makes it so much easier to fit studying around your work day and your home life so you can strike a good balance.”