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The journey of a Full Stack Developer student

Robert wanted to upskill in coding after he was introduced to it during his masters. He’s shared his thoughts about the Full Stack Developer course, his experience learning online and his journey so far with Learning People.

Updated on: 19th February 2020

Learning People | Robert Full Stack Web Developer studentWhat inspired you to begin your online training course with us?

“I had been interested in coding since undertaking my MSc that involved the utilisation of Matlab for researching oceanic current systems. The idea of being able to make a functional website and design all the intricate parts seemed very appealing, as I enjoy the creative side of this, as well as learning more about programming languages.”

What lead you to choosing Learning People?

“I thoroughly researched other providers, but the fact that the Learning People have a credit rated course and personal tutoring aided my decision.”

How was your initial consultation call?

“My initial consultation call was extremely informative and after researching other courses, helped me to choose Learning People, as they fulfilled all of the disciplines I was interested in learning. Selene did everything she could to help make the signing up process easy.”  

Did you receive support and enough information before and during your training?

“So far, I have received very good support from both Learning People and Code Institute including regular phone calls and occasional Skype meetings with my personal tutor. I feel that these, as well as the group forum, will become increasingly important as the course progresses.”

Would you recommend Learning People?

“I would certainly advise others to do this course, as I feel that the layout and structure is ideal for distance learning and there is always support available if required.”

If you’re inspired by Robert’s story and you’d like to learn more about where a career in coding can take you. Get in touch with our expert coding career consultants to discuss how a coding course can skyrocket your career.