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5 amazing jobs in AI

Smartphones, chatbots and driverless cars. Artificial Intelligence, better known as AI, is embedding it’s forward-thinking claws into all sorts of applications, expanding across industry after industry.

There’s a whole range of jobs within the mysterious world of AI. So why not think like a robot and take your AI future into your own hands? Here are five of the coolest AI jobs out there at the moment for you to take exciting advantage of…

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Autonomous vehicle trainer

Self-driving cars may be the latest AI project to take to the streets, but whilst these types of vehicles drive on their own, they can’t quite teach themselves. This is where the role of an Autonomous Vehicle Trainer comes into play.

With an analytical and accurate mindset, this pretty cool AI job will see some pretty high-speed ‘behind the wheel’ performance monitoring.

As advertised by GM Cruise, an AV Trainer will “test and improve the performance” of driverless cars. Requiring “strong attention to detail along with an excellent driving record. Professionalism and sound judgment are required at all times, as well as the ability to work in a team setting.” Sound like you?


AI researcher

It may sound pretty literal but an AI Research is essentially that. It focuses on researching the field of AI advancements and uncovering just what’s happening and being discovered in an up-to-date capacity. Your role as researcher? To look at potential topics which appear unexplored and pull together an area in which advancements can be made.

Basically, you get to pick a problem, gather the relevant data, attend conferences and find papers before decoding the specific maths into AI and machine learning algorithms. You’ll then publish your findings before moving on to something new.

If you fancy a hands-on AI job, this probably isn’s the one for you. But if you want to tweak code, try to solve a problem, test data results and write a paper about it, this could well be for you. The role of an AI researcher can be carried out in a whole host of different fields, from advanced robotics to AI driven development in your household appliances, smartphones and soon-to-own driverless cars. Not to mention the entire Internet of Things.

Chatbot copywriter

Ever had a conversation with a chatbot that seems a little, well, awkward? Not anymore. Not when the conversational skills of a copywriter are put behind the screen anyway. Also known as an AI Conversation Designer or Conversational UX-Copywriter, this particular role encompasses creativity, charisma and a whole load of customer focus. A Chatbot Copywriter will effectively be “in charge of delivering good dialogues,” and is the obvious choice for businesses to start incorporating natural language processing functions into customer intercommunication.

When a customer is trying to find helpful responses to necessary questions, some bots just don’t cut the conversational mustard. But as a chatbot is, after all, a computer programme built by a developer, and not a chatty human responding to its user’s need, it’s no surprise that conversation can sometimes seem a little stilted.

Helping to shape company dialogue, setting the tone for a brands bot’s voice, assisting with the analysis of testing responses, implementing updates once a bot has been released into the speaking world, and prioritising scenarios based on impact, the role of a Chatbot Copywriter is pretty diverse. And a key developer focus when it comes to building bigger and better bots is to look at the fact that the person striking up the chat is indeed a human. Living, breathing and all.

Dev ops architect 

With enthusiasm for brand spanking new AI technologies, a DevOps Architect is a skilled collaborator, excellent communicator and possesses operational experience to rival all others.

Not sounding quite cool enough yet? Dealing with new developments in both AI and Cloud Services and helping to shape products by developing software and taking part in architecture decision making aspects, the day to day role of a DevOps architect is to look after every software development process and create an automated, efficient delivery pipeline that helps build software rapidly and effectively. This job essentially involves redefining a company’s entire system.

An architect of this nature must be familiar with various programming languages, such as Java, CSS and Python. And chances are you may already have come across this role as it carries many different names. From ‘DevOps Engineer’ and ‘Release Engineer’ to ‘Automation Architect’ or even ‘Build Engineer.’



Robotics engineer

A behind-the-scenes designer, who is responsible for creating robots and robotic systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable or prefer not to complete. “Through their creations, a robotics engineer helps to make jobs safer, easier, and more efficient, particularly in the manufacturing industry.”

But it’s all about the design before the assembling of such robotic Avengers. In fact, a 9-5 day will typically see the designing of plans and processes required to build them with some lucky people also using their human limbs to design the machines to assemble said robots. Design done and dusted? Then it’s on to the unit.

Now, as robots are a rather complex and highly technical creature – the hands-on task of building one can indeed encounter a few bumps along the way. This means a Robotics Engineer will likely only ever work on a few projects throughout their career.

Do you want to join the rising ranks of AI professionals? Better yet, do you fancy calling yourself a Chatbot Copywriter or Roboticist? Get in touch with us today and let us help you on your technologically advanced way.