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6 Places To Go For Cyber Security News

If you fancy joining the fight against cyber crime, or are already donning the superhero suit in one form or another, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the know when it comes to cyber security.

 The BBC is a great source to scope out hard-hitting news stories. Hello, NHS Ransomware Attack of 2017. But where else can you go to see up to date industry trends, cyber attacks, and the latest global data hacks?

 Well, we’ve done some serious cyber digging and found the perfect mix of the best blogs, magazines and cyber security websites out there at the moment.

Here are 6 of the best we’ve seen…

1. Cybercrime Magazine

According to its founder and Editor-in-Chief, Steve Morgan, Cybercrime Magazine “was launched in direct response to what our followers have been asking us for.”

This includes cyber economic market data, insights, facts and statistics, and predictions to a global audience of technology and security experts.

The overall aim of this online outlet? As Morgan explains, “The market needs a go-to destination – a single page – where they can find the latest research data on our market. Our mission is to provide that and be ‘Page ONE’ for the cyber security community.” 

With Morgan offering wise words aplenty and named by LinkedIn as one of 5 cybersecurity influencers to follow in 2017, you’d be hard pushed not to find credibility in this online cyber security round-up.


2. The State of Security – Tripwire

 NEWS. TRENDS. INSIGHTS. That’s their byline. And it’s pretty spot on.

This is a round up of what’s what within the world of information security. With threats on the daily horizon and changes taking place all the time, this captivating blog is a one-stop shop for news, trends and interesting research. Expect to read thought-provoking opinion pieces and uncover helpful resources.

And that’s not all. In 2014, they not only won not only “Best Corporate Blog”, but “Most Entertaining Security Blog” as well. Because we all need a little light relief in this dark web world.

3. CS Risk Management

For a daily dose of those all important, ‘up to the minute’ news alerts, this handy Newsletter is kind of like the Deliveroo of cyber security. 

Once you type in your name and email address to subscribe, you’ll receive an in-depth summary of the day’s most relevant and important news articles from trusted cyber security websites.

Delivered to your email inbox each morning, this is one you can enjoy alongside your morning toast – minus the hefty scrolling.


4. The Akamai Blog

Cyber security isn’t a one-man show. There is a whole world of experts out there, each offering their own content and insights into cyber crime.

And where else to gain such important information?

Enter The Akamai Blog. Created from the globally distributed intelligent edge platform, and self-proclaimed ‘next frontier of digital transformation’, this online blog compiles news and views from technology and security professionals.

Offering feedback, comments, and sharing of perspectives, Akamai describes itself as a “forum to discuss, share and reflect on the trends that are driving today’s businesses online.”

5. Forbes Tech / Security

For another daily dose of CS news stories, head on over to Forbes.

Providing daily cyber security blogs from a whole host of onboard writers and contributors, this is a secure space definitely worth checking out. Expect to gain an interesting insight into the big ol’ world of cyber from key players in business, financial, and of course, technology media outlets.


6. Dark Reading @DarkReading

From IT Security Manager’s to Digital Forensic Officer’s, anyone who is anyone in the world of cyber security – and those with a peaking interest too – will no doubt have already set a digital footprint here.

As one of the most popular and widely-read websites among cyber sec professionals, Dark Reading is a gripping compilation of content on a variety of topics, including analytics, Data Privacy, Cloud security, AppSec, and so much more. Their goal is to challenge their readers to think further about security. They achieve this by way of providing hard-nosed reporting, opinion pieces – sometimes unconventional – with a wealth of hands-on experience within the security industry.

Feeling inspired?

If you’re seriously considering delving into the fascinating waters of cyber security, or have a passion for IT or security architecture, we’ll make sure you don’t sink. Find out just what cyber security courses we offer to help you find your perfect role.