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Return of the hack: what to do if you're a TalkTalk customer

Back in August, we talked about the Ashely Madison hacking scandal, that saw the data of its 37 million users released. And guess what, another giant has been hit.

This time TalkTalk are in the spotlight. The British telecommunications company released a statement yesterday saying that they have received a “significant and sustained” cyber attack on their website and are currently investigating it with the Metropolitan police.

But what does this mean for the company’s millions of customers?

Well firstly, don’t panic. TalkTalk said there was only “a chance” that sensitive data has been accessed – including bank account details, names, addresses, dates of birth and email addresses. If you want to ensure your information is as secure as possible we’d advise changing your passwords – it can never hurt to ensure that these are frequently updated.

TalkTalk have also advised that all customers keep an eye on their bank accounts over the next few months and report anything suspicious to their bank or Action Fraud.

Hacks of this kind can often encourage more criminal activity off the back of them, so make sure you stay alert. TalkTalk have stated that they will never request any payment information over the phone, so be wary of anyone asking you to disclose personal details.

The telecommunications company that turned over £1,670 million in 2014, have already fallen victim to two cyber security attacks this year. Showing that if you have any vulnerabilities in your security systems – it’s only a matter of time before the next one is exposed.

If you are interested in learning how companies can secure their data, then get in touch with one of our IT specialists today.