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The world of coding forums

Learning to code can be an enlightening experience. If you’re new to the world of coding, let us introduce you to the world of coding forums to help guide your new adventure…

As a safe and dedicated space to meet like-minded programming professionals, coding forums offer up discussions, handy Q&As and a great blend of incredible experts and eager beginners within the industry.

Here is our pick of the top 5 best coding forums to help you get the much sought-after answers to any programming question you might have…

artem-sapegin-176819-unsplashStack Overflow

You can’t talk about the ingenuity of coding forums without mentioning the largest and most trusted online coding community. Enter the pretty impressive online programming body of StackOverflow. With roughly 17 million questions currently out there in the ether, dedicated developers look keen to brush up on their coding skills. In addition to this, questions are answered quickly and even more appealing?  You don’t need to be a member of this community, as guests of StackOverflow can answer any questions simply as a guest.

They’re pretty good at keeping up with current coding affairs too – just take a look at their Developer Survey results from 2018. From artificial intelligence to ethics in coding, they cover a wide range of topics and are top of key software industry trends.



Bytes wasn’t always so snappy sounding. In fact, this popular forum was previously known as TheScripts – no, not those musical Irish lot. But they do have being pretty cool in common.

Self-penned as an “IT + Developer Community”, alongside offering support for programming languages, they contain a topic dedicated to the beauty of Algorithms. Oh yes. Software developers can discuss various algorithms implementations until the cows come home.

As with most popular coding forums, they house language experts for PHP, Python, C, C++, C#, Oracle, HTML and so on. With a huge number of forum members – 423792 to be exact, though this changes each and every day – they exist to serve others, and the coding community thanks them for it.


Hard hitting articles? Tick. Discussions? Tick. Resources? Another tick. CodeGuru has a focus for “real developers in the real world.” If you’re serious about learning programming and learning from the absolute experts in the coding field, following this insightful forum is the best way to do so.

Their prime objective is to teach all who pass through their site the very nature of programming. Public users can utilize the handy forum for any programming and developing questions, tips and other needs, whilst they’ve got pretty much all areas of programming on lockdown – that’s right. They also have a forum for public users who want to discuss all about programming and developing, with C++, Visual C++ and Visual Basic are all open for discussion.


When it comes to coding help 101, who you gonna call? Probably not the likes of the Ghostbusters – they’re unlikely to be able to help. No, instead turn to top coding forum  – Codecall. Why? Because not only can this forum help with both Software development, it also assists its active members with Web development, from PHP and Ruby to MySQL.

Started in 2005, and offering various in-depth tutorials covering a whole host of programming languages, expert Java, Python, and C++ software developers make their fluent mark on this forum. If you’re seeking a programming arena that not only offers helpful advice, but is a friendly and active community, head to the bustling world of Codecall and ask the ever-present experts to actively help with your coding needs.


Looking for handy news and info for all of your coding needs? CodeProject is here to help. Donning their superhero coding cape, this worldly website also offers source codes alongside providing helpful general discussion forums for developers to share both thoughts and industry insights with its similarly-minded users.

Their tagline is simple. It’s “For those who code” and that basically says it all. From a handy Who’s Who section to Artifical Intelligence and DevOps discussions, there are plenty of active areas for keen coders to dive right on into. Oh, and technical assistance is on offer for anybody who seeks it, whilst CodeProject members can sign up for weekly updates, no matter what programming assistance they require.

guy watching on laptop-1

Before you get into the world of online coding forums, head on over to our learning world to discover the wide range of coding courses we offer. Don’t delay, get in touch with us today to uncover the intricate world of coding and how you can find your perfect course.