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What is the Festival of Learning?

We’re big fans of continuous learning, here at Learning People HQ. This year, on June 7th, we’ll be celebrating the Festival of Learning.

Festival of Learning recognises and publicises the achievements of adults who have used learning to transform their lives.

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What does the festival do?

Festival of Learning’s mission is to highlight the benefits of learning, celebrate achievements of adults who have used learning to transform their lives, and to encourage everyone to embrace lifelong learning. Every year, an awards ceremony is held to recognise and reward nominated people who have made a significant impact to their own lives or communities, through continued learning.

Throughout ‘have a go’ month, in September, Festival of Learning put on loads of events to encourage people to widen their horizons and open their eyes to new learning opportunities. Supported by the Department for Education, Festival of Learning has attracted sponsors, such as: NOCN Group, Worker’s Educational Association, City Lit London and the Education & Training Foundation

Why is it so important to keep learning?

There are so many reasons for continuous learning. Avoid stagnation, keep flourishing and never become bored, the benefits are almost endless.

1. Stay relevant

No matter which industry you’re in, there are technological advancements happening in every corner of employment. There’s really only one option. Move with the times.


2. Keep getting better

Whether you train in your current field, or something totally different, you’ll gain a new and fresh perspective. Sometimes, seeing your current role from another angle can spark ideas and create positive changes.

3. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

By continuing to advance your skillset, you’re remaining valuable. No one expects to be made redundant or for a company to fold, but it happens. By keeping your tools sharp, you’ll be ready for a new role if you need to be.

4. Climb the ladder faster

Those with advanced qualifications and a taste for learning are front runners when it comes to new opportunities or promotion. Showing a keenness to expand your professional repertoire can only be a good thing.

5. Out with the old

If you’re thinking about branching out and test-running a new career path, training in the subject is the best exposure you can get. It’s never too late to try something new, so why not take the leap?


Another reason to expand your knowledge base is simply because you can. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning, don’t squander it. Winners of the Festival of Learning ‘Outstanding Individual’ awards have incredibly inspiring stories that should motivate us to grab a life of learning by the horns.

Oriana, a victim of extreme trauma, recently spoke about her experiences at the EAEA Conference in Brussels. When asked about how education had helped her, she said that:

education feeds your soul.  It nourishes your mind.  Everyone’s experience is unique to them and we all have obstacles to overcome.  It can be tremendously challenging returning to education with or without learning difficulties but we all deserve the chance to be the best version of ourselves.  Believe in yourself.  We all have a right to education.”

She is now the proud holder of an MA in Creative, Digital and Professional Writing. Oriana joins of host of inspirational winners and nominees.

If you’re interested in the opportunities that come with continued learning, take a look at our courses and get in touch with our expert career consultants today.