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Why are ethical hackers important?

In the battle for cyber security, the work of an ethical hacker often means the difference between vigilante or criminal access and maintaining data integrity.

Cyber attacks currently cost the global economy $300 billion a year, with extreme breaches costing small businesses £65,000 and larger corporations anything from £600,000 to £1.15 million.

An ethical hacker will provide a company with an objective analysis of business security, offering remediation advice and direction fine tuned to suit the unique security objectives and capabilities of business technology environments.

Most ethical hackers will be certified by the EC-Council, which guarantees confidentiality when they are verifying the security architecture of a business.

An ethical hacker will:

  • Provide best practice models
  • Conduct disciplined research
  • Implement growth strategies
  • Evaluate current security measures
  • Generate ideas

Did you know that 80% of security incidents happen because of employee decision making and behaviour, whether deliberate or unawares?

Although an ethical hacker might not be able to prevent the most vicious and concentrated of cyber attacks, investing in a cyber security expert will ensure certain malicious behaviours are recognised and combated before they pose any real threat.

As the CEO of Soltra, Mark Clancy, says, “Every criminal on the planet lives on your street. You can invest proactively and be ahead of the curve, or invest in response to incidents.”

With an extreme rise in black hat cyber attacks happening across all industries everyday, including celebrities, governments, technology giants and health sector organisations, are you ahead of the curve with your business today?