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7 inspiring women in the tech industry

There’s nothing more inspiring as a woman in tech than hearing stories of success from other women in the industry. We want to empower women to reach their career goals, which is why we’ve set up a Women in Tech event in March for International Women’s Day.

In the lead up to this exciting event, we’re drawing attention to the most inspiring women in tech right now. Prepare to be inspired…


Victoria Carr – IT Service Delivery Manager for EasyJet 

Vicky Carr is IT service delivery manager at EasyJet, and it’s her role to ensure that the IT systems that support the EasyJet Operation are stable. An IT service delivery manager oversees key functions that ensure that IT systems are working in order to support business needs. With years of tech experience behind her, Vicky’s day to day role involves assessing situations and resolving issue with EasyJet’s IT systems.


Sophie Hodgson – Project Manager for Fujitsu

Sophie’s role at Fujitsu involves a bit of everything and as a project manager in tech, no two days are the same. An IT project manager role is involved in project management, tech operations and general management. When chatting to Women In Tech she described what she does: 

“As a Project Manager, I plan projects, track the costs in cost models and keep them progressing. I have quite a hands on approach so also do training, device/platform configuration and putting collateral together depending on the needs of the project.”

Emma Goulden – IT Project Manager at John Lewis

Emma is an IT Project Manager who helps to plan, organise, and integrate IT projects for John Lewis. Our Project Management and IT courses and prepare you perfectly for roles just like these.

She told Women In Tech“I’m basically responsible for ensuring that the team deliver what the programme have asked for, at the right time and as close to the estimate as possible. My role involves a lot of planning to identify activities and dependencies for resource. I will raise any risks and issues and their possible impact on the plan and often have to re plan to accommodate change requests.”

Atiqa Ashraf – Front End Web Developer / Designer for Technojobs 

Atiqa works as a Front End Web Developer, meaning that she deals with the part of a website that a user interacts with. It’s also sometimes known as client-side development and involces developing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website. Her role at Technojobs involves maintenance and development of websites, client emails, marketing materials and ad-hoc coding projects.

Laura Antuna – Software Engineer for BBC

As a software engineer, Laura applies principles of software engineering to work in applications and systems to develop technology at the BBC.

She tells Women in Tech:My day-to-day job mainly consists of developing features for a new version of the Broadcasting Control System used by BBC Wales. That includes writing back-end code and creating intuitive user interfaces. The job also involves understanding driver specifications, writing documentation and performing code reviews, all whilst following the Agile methodology.”

Siu-Yun – Technology Consulting Manager for Accenture

As a Technology Consulting Manager Siu-Yun brings the best practices from change and transformation and shares industry insights to help clients achieve their goals. Siu-Yun delivers new improved processes to comply with regulatory change and conducts strategic analysis. She also leads a team of business analysts and works with global development teams to deliver solutions.

Are you considering a career in tech? Read up on how to win as a woman in tech on our blog to learn more. And if these women in tech have inspired you, be sure to come along to our Women in Tech event in March. We’re hosting this event to celebrate International Women’s Day and to encourage more women to consider careers in tech. If you’re interested in coming along then take a look at our guest speakers to get the ball rolling.