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Model, actress and coder: The inspiring story of Lyndsey Scott

We’re celebrating women in the tech industry, with stories from women who have made a change in their careers, and an impact in the industry. Meet Lyndsey Scott and read more about her inspiring career change journey. 

You might be asking yourself, “Lyndsey Scott? Where have I heard that name before?” Not only is she a model who’s worked for prestigious brands like Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein (not to mention being the first African American exclusive model for CK), she’s also an experienced
woman in tech. She’s a killer coder who’s a freelance iOS Software Engineer and app developer.

In recent weeks, she’s been in the news after dealing with social media trolls. People began commenting on her social media profiles questioning her ability to code, opening the question about why it is so hard to believe that a woman could thrive in the tech industry.

Lyndsey Scott

Image source: www.lyndseyscott.com

In an interview with Vogue, she explains:

Many people are shocked to find out that I’m anything other than an airhead – that I was a computer science major, and that I program iOS apps, for example. Sometimes it all makes me very, very angry.”

As it stands, women are less likely to enter a job in the tech industry and are more likely to leave; with a staggering
53% of women likely to leave their tech careers for another industry. This is in comparison to the substantially lesser statistic of 31% for men.

Lyndsey Scott tweeted that she’s “Looking forward to the day when women in tech don’t have to go above and beyond to prove themselves.” There has been an outpour of positivity and support for Scott, with women in coding and the tech industry thanking her for her persistence in representing them on a daily basis.

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