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Student testimonials

Student testimonials

We’re giving you the opportunity to create a short video reflecting on your learning experience. The video will be shared with future students to help and empower them and shared across our marketing collateral.

Your video will:

  • Help you reflect on your past experience, reminding you of your skills, what you have overcome and what you’ve achieved
  • Give you the chance to practice your communication skills ready for your next job interview
  • Build your personal brand and develop your soft skills which is highly desirable by employers

Discover what some of our former students experienced on their learning journey and feel free to tell us your story. In addition, we’re happy to offer a £20 Amazon voucher when you record your video testimonial. Terms and conditions apply.

Tell us your story...

To make it easy for you to tell your story, we’re using an app called StoryTagger. The app is set up to ask you some simple questions to answer about your experience, and you can record straight into the app. It should only take around 20 minutes to record. No editing required. No studio setup needed. No fuss. 

Email info@learningpeople.co.uk to find out how easy it is to record your testimonial. It’s your turn to inspire future students to make their career change.

Email info@learningpeople.co.uk