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What's it like to be an ethical hacker?

Meet the students:

Meet cyber security student Charles. Charles decided it was time to take control of his career, and enrolled on our Ethical Hacker Collection course.

Since passing the course, he landed his dream role at one of the tech industry’s giants, Telefónica. We spoke to Charles about pursuing his career in cyber security and his advice for future students.

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What is a cyber security career? Is cyber security right for me?How do I become a cyber security expert?

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing areas in tech

Careers in cyber security are one of the fastest-growing across the tech industry. Because of the high demand, a cyber security role is often lucrative, with opportunities to work on a freelance basis, anywhere in the world.

“The best thing about being a cyber security expert besides something new, and also working with people and that reward you get from helping people. I would say the third thing is you can see how technology is used and you’re able to do that in very tangible ways that impact people’s lives.”

James Stanger, Chief Technology Evangelist at CompTIA

A career in cyber security offers:

A lucrative role

The ability to work from anywhere

Opportunities to travel

Ability to work freelance

Cyber security is a lucrative industry

Key skills of a cyber security professional:

Risk management
Safeguarding data
Minimising damage caused by attacks
Analysing security strategy 
Communicating with stakeholders
Design or update security systems

Become a more confident, effective and credible professional with a cyber security certification

Whether you’re new to the industry or have had a long career in IT, cyber security is a career for everybody.

Gaining globally recognised certifications from leading providers such as CompTIA, EC-Council, or CISCO means you have a standard of knowledge needed for a role in the industry. It also demonstrates to employers that you are passionate and dedicated to your work.

How do you get into cyber security?

Meet the experts:

Clem Craven Senior CSIRT at BT explains the initial route to take if you’re serious about getting into cyber security. Find out what he has to say, and take a look at the CompTIA Network+ and Security+ as the gateway into the career.

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