Data Analyst

There’s never been a better time to pursue a career in data analytics. Data analytics is a booming industry with diverse roles, high salaries, flexible work options, and vital contributions to business strategies.

How to become a Data Analyst

Whether you're a seasoned Data Analyst or just beginning to explore the realm of data analytics, the field is rich with diverse opportunities and accessible starting points. Our training is meticulously designed to navigate you through your career progression to becoming a Data Analyst. We’ll arm you with critical skills through immersive, hands-on experiences in statistical analysis, data mining, data visualisation, and more.

Equipped with a curated blend of specialised certifications and practical expertise, you will develop the highly sought-after capabilities that today's employers prioritise in the data-centric business environment. By mastering the tools and methodologies delivered by our training, you will be prepared to transform complex datasets into coherent, actionable business insights.

Data Analytics

What does a career in Data Analytics look like?

Starting your career in Data Analytics

Being a Data Analyst provides a rich variety of challenges and opportunities, as Data Analysts can engage in activities ranging from reporting and data visualisation to more advanced statistical analysis and predictive modeling. Career advancement prospects are considerable, with the potential for experienced Data Analysts to assume managerial roles or specialise further in areas like business intelligence or data architecture. Pursuing a career in data analytics ensures continual learning and a pivotal role in shaping business strategies through data-driven insights.

Is a career in Data Analytics right for me?

Data Analytics skills

A Data Analyst typically blends analytical abilities with robust technical expertise, focusing on data management and pattern recognition. You might be surprised to discover that you already possess many of the soft skills required for this role. With these attributes and the appropriate training, your journey to becoming a Data Analyst could be much smoother and less daunting than you initially thought.


  • Key attributes of a Data Analyst include:
    Decision making
    Problem solving
    Analytical mindset
    Creative thinking
    Attention to detail
    Organisational skills
    Time management

Data Analyst responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of Data Analyst include
    Collecting, analysing, and reporting on data through creating reports, dashboards and other visualisations associated with customers, business processes or market economics.
    Acquiring data from primary and secondary sources
    Cleaning and validating data
    Designing data models
    Implementing new data analytics methodologies that help solve business problems.

The responsibilities of a Data Scientist will vary depending on the role within an organisation or chosen specialism, especially as these roles are non-sector specific. However, a successful data scientist possesses some combination of analytical thinking, storytelling ability, problem-solving skills, and a natural curiosity about data. 

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How do I become a Data Analyst?

Data Analyst Pathway Journey

Our training equips you with the tools to transform complex datasets into coherent, actionable business insights. The Data Analyst Pathway consists of 8 modules, including 2 certifications.

Course modules include:

1. Foundation Excel skills 

2. Basics of data modelling

3. Data collation

4. Database management

5. SQL skills

6. CompTIA Data+ 

7. Data storytelling (Optional)

8. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900

Salary projection

Average Salary after completing


You can earn an average of $120k a year

Data Entry
Average salary you can earn
Senior Data Analyst

You can earn an average of $120k a year

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