We partner with organisations all over the world, including Candlefox, who are specialists in innovative education marketing.

Why do we partner with Candlefox?

For over 8 years, Candlefox has assisted education providers in increasing student enrolments. They aim to inspire the next generation of learners by helping connect people to the education they seek.  

Founded in Australia in 2011, later expanding into New Zealand in 2017 and the United Kingdom in 2018, Candlefox has been developing leading educational marketplaces to connect students with education platforms.  

Now, over one million career changers, upskillers, students and other people returning to work are connected to education providers across Australia, New Zealand and the UK thanks to Candlefox's innovative education marketplaces. 

By providing valuable insights and data-driven solutions, Candlefox’s education marketplaces help us to successfully connect and enrol learners with appropriate education providers while allowing us to continue to focus on what we do best - educating and guiding our students to success! 

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