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A Network Engineer is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining computer networks within an organisation. Their primary focus is on ensuring the efficient and secure communication of data and information between devices, systems, and users. Does this sound like your next move? 

Network Engineer

What is a Network Engineer?

Becoming a Network Engineer

A Network Engineer in the tech industry is one of the most in-demand job roles for organisations of all sizes.  

As a Network Engineer, you will oversee designing, maintaining, implementing and troubleshooting an organisation's computer networks. It's your job to ensure everyone has the tech they need to work efficiently and effectively.

Is becoming a Network Engineer right for me?

Network Engineer skills

With organisations using more and more digital technologies to host and operate their businesses, Network Engineers are certainly in-demand. However, deciding whether to become a Network Engineer is a personal choice that depends on your interests, skills, and career goals. This fast-paced, challenging role can be both lucrative and rewarding. 

Key attributes of a Network Engineer

  • Key attributes of a Network Engineer include:
    Problem solving attitude
    Strong and effective communication
    Having a high level of patience
    A meticulous eye for detail
    Work well under pressure

Network Engineer responsibilities

  • Key responsibilities of a Network Engineer include:
    Design and implement computer networks
    Select networking hardware and software products
    Install, configure, and maintain networking equipment
    Stay current on emerging networking technologies
    Monitor network performance and troubleshoot problems to ensure optimal operation
    Perform upgrades, patches, and other network maintenance tasks to improve performance and security
    Develop and maintain network topologies, network diagrams, and documentation of network environments
    Coordinate network plans with IT team members and provide technical support
    Ensure network security by developing and implementing disaster recovery plans, data backups, and virus/malware prevention measures


Your responsibilities as a Network Engineer may differ based on the project or at hand. However, the day-to-day workload will include assessing the networking requirements of an organisation and designing solutions to meet their needs.  

Once you have more experience with the hands-on job, further responsibilities of a Network Engineer may include looking after a team of IT and Network professionals to oversee the whole operation.  

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How do I become a Network Engineer?

Qualifications needed to become a Network Engineer

To become a Network Engineer, you will need to combine education and practical, hands-on experience. It makes sense to choose industry-recognised certifications that validate your knowledge and skills in networking technologies. 

Industry-recognised certifications, such as Cisco CCNA or CompTIA Network+, will enhance your credibility and job prospects as a Network Engineer. Also, staying updated with evolving networking technologies through continuous learning is important in this field. On the job training can help, but that’s not always possible, so choosing a certification with practical labs and projects can help you demonstrate your skills to potential employers.  

Related careers

Becoming a Network Engineer opens up many related career options. With strong communication skills, attention to detail and advanced tech skills, it is possible to diversify and progress into other specialisms such as:  

Cyber Security

Cloud Computing 

Recommended Network Engineer courses

Does a career as a Network Engineer sound right for you?

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Network Engineer
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You can earn an average of $130,000.00 a year

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