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Frequently asked questions by our students

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Where do I take the training?

All of our training is completed online, either through our learning platform, delivered by Skillsoft or the Digital Marketing Institute.

This means you have round the clock access to training no matter where you are.

You do need a computer with internet access to begin the training, but course material can be downloaded to allow you the flexibility of working on the go.

We have students who study on the way to work, on international flights, while on site of a long term project and even beside the pool when on holiday – it’s your training to access anytime, anywhere.

How long does the training take?

The length of training is very much dependent on the individual course and on how much time you give to it.

Each of our courses has a study time guide, however, we give you nine to twelve months access to the training – and in some cases 24 months – which should be more than enough time to complete even the longest course.

Online training gives you the ease of being able to study at a time that suits you and fits around your other commitments.

If I need help with the training, is anyone on hand to offer guidance?

Our excellent StudentCare™ team in the UK is available to direct queries to during normal working hours.

For all project management and IT students, expert tutors and industry professionals from Skillsoft are on hand 24×7 throughout the year – just ring 0800 973 184.

You can also contact them through email- [email protected] – or live internet chat while using the learning platform.

When can I get started?

Once you have signed up for a course, our StudentCare team will issue you with your login details and ensure that you can access the training fully, often showing you around the system through an orientation should you wish for one.

Their aim is to provide you with support for your training every step of the way, so please do not hesitate to contact them with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Can I use a Mac?

Yes, our learning platforms are Mac and PC friendly.

If you have any issues, our StudentCare team are more than happy to help.

Why can’t I find the course prices on site?

The prices of our courses varies depending on the specific course package you enrol on, and whether it’s IT, project management or digital marketing.

We do not put individual course prices online, as we do not provide off the shelf training.

Through speaking with our learning consultants we discover your individual needs and tailor your learning experience respectively.

This does not mean we give you the most expensive course, it means we give you the most suitable course to achieve your career goals.

We also have seasonal offers that vary throughout the year.

Is there a finance option?

We offer interest free finance options on all of our courses.

Ask our learning consultants for more information when you enquire about a course.

Is the exam cost included in the price?

Yes! The majority of our collections and courses all include exams and unlimited resits. Please check with your career consultant

External providers deliver the exams, but we can help you find a testing centre near you – anywhere in the world – and can provide guidance on whether or not you’re ready for the exam based on your training progress.

Does certification guarantee me a job?

We can not guarantee that you will get a job after gaining a certification – no reputable training company would.

However, we can guarantee that certification opens doors to interviews, giving you opportunities to stand out from the crowd which you might otherwise have missed out on.

Students of the Learning People have been offered employment on the strength – on top of the their interview performance – that they were currently studying for certification and gaining the necessary skills for the job.

What salary can I earn?

The Learning People have partnered with itjobswatch.co.uk – the leading independent source on salary trends – to bring up to date salary information for every course that we offer.

Take a look at the ‘Average salary’ graph on the courses that interest you.

Are the courses just online?

All of our training is online, there is no classroom based training. However when taking an exam you will be in a test centre near you.

How do I access a practice lab?

Our practice labs are cloud based; meaning you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to access them. You can use the practice labs anywhere, anytime, all you need is an internet connection.

Do you have an RTO number?

As a provider of international certifications, we do not fit into the standard RTO categories. We are however, LPI accredited and are also partnered with the world’s largest and leading certification bodies.

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