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We are accredited by the leading membership body for global learning professionals and organisations.

Who is the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI)?

The Learning & Performance Institute – LPI is the global membership body for learning professionals, that has led the field in workplace learning and development since 1995. The LPI's aim is to raise the profile of those in the workplace learning sector by sharing and celebrating its members' and accredited partners' knowledge, experience and skills.

LPI accreditation is the globally-recognised quality mark for providers of learning products, technologies, services and facilities.


What does it mean for Learning People students?

We’re delighted to announce that 2023 has seen Learning People achieve another year of accreditation from the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI). That’s our 11th consecutive year since 2012.

Accreditation continuously raises both learning standards and performance outcomes. It gives students confidence and assurance that Learning People is a reputable and trustworthy organisation by auditing areas such as quality of content, student testimonials, transparency in messaging, including finance options, and making sure that enrolment activities are conducted ethically and responsibly.

As part of the accreditation process, Learning People is fully audited every 12 months to ensure we adhere to the LPI’s code of practice, and that we are able to demonstrate continued provision of exceptional products and services.


The audit ensures we adhere to the following standards:

  • Providers or their representatives shall not give false or misleading indications, whether by words, illustrations, or other means, in relation to either their products or services or to the products and services of any other training organisations.

  • Providers shall not make any statements which cannot be readily substantiated.

  • Fictitious testimonial(s) shall not be used, and testimonial(s) from the provider’s own staff, relatives or agents shall not be used unless their interest is explicitly declared.

  • Providers shall ensure that learning consultants and all persons involved in pre-enrolment activities act in an ethical and responsible manner.

  • Providers shall ensure that the performance and conduct of learning consultants are monitored and assessed on a regular basis.

  • Where the provider either organises grant or independent funding for the learner, they must ensure the learner is fully aware of his/her commitment with regard to repayment.

  • Providers shall, where relevant, take steps to ensure that learner expectations are realistically set with regard to the attainment of certifications, job prospects, and achievable salaries.

  • Providers shall inform learners of the learning objectives to be achieved or expected outcomes.

  • Providers shall inform students of the award, if any, for which the course is designed to prepare learners and the name of the awarding body.

  • Providers shall inform students of the syllabus or outline of the course.

  • Providers shall inform students of the level and nature of support, if provided, throughout the learning period.

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