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IT Virtual Seminars

Watch past virtual seminars on demand and discover how to kickstart your career in IT

From cooking to coding

13 January 2022

Meet our full-stack development graduate, Frankie. Frankie was a chef for 26 years and after getting certified with us, has secured a role in web development.

In this virtual seminar, he showcases two of his current projects and offers his advice for anyone looking to start coding.

How to join the cyber security boom in 2022

11 January 2022

In this virtual seminar, meet our graduate William who moved from electrical engineering to a position as an Associate Security Consultant. He discusses his career progression, his experience getting certified, and his advice for anyone looking to change to a career in tech.

Code Project Showcase

9 December 2021

Meet our full-stack development students Anna and Ricardo. This time last year Anna couldn’t write a line of code – she has now rebuilt a website for her first freelance client. With a background in engineering and project management, Ricardo is a career changer with aspirations to become a developer. In this virtual seminar, they each showcase one of their projects and offer their advice for anyone looking to start coding.

The Coding Career Journey

11 November 2021

Looking to start a career in code? Meet graduates Mike and Josh who both completed their studies and landed a career in code within a year. They discuss their career change stories, why they wanted to start coding, and their advice to those looking to enter the industry.

Careers in Cyber Security

9 November 2021

Meet student Adrian who used to work as a chef, and as a partner for a catering company. Adrian decided to get certified in IT, and used lockdown to complete his CompTIA A+ certifications. Within just a few months, Adrian landed his very first role in technology, as a 2nd line IT support engineer.

Careers in Cloud

12 October 2021

In this month’s virtual seminar we look at careers in cloud computing and the opportunities within it. We speak to Don Mowbray from Skillsoft about why now is the best time to get into cloud.

Careers in Code

7 October 2021

Meet student Kirsty who switched careers into code from a role as a musician in the RAF. Kirsty decided to use her time off work during lockdown to reskill in coding, and has now started as a developer at PWC. Find out more about her incredible career change story, and discover how you could also reach your career goals.

Careers in Front-End Development

9 September 2021

How can you get into coding with no experience? Meet student Abi who went from a career as a driving instructor to now working as a Front-End Developer for a national network operator, even before finishing her course.

CompTIA A+ Jobs and Opportunities

7 September 2021

In this virtual seminar, we chat with student Jack to discover how he landed his role in IT by getting certified with the CompTIA A+. We’ll also explore what’s included in the A+, why you should get certified with it, and how Learning People will help your career journey.

Careers in Code and Data Science

12 August 2021

Want to get into the world of data science but don’t know where to start? Meet graduate Robin who has now landed his dream job at the Office of National Statistics after completing his Python and Data Science training with us.

Essential cyber security careers advice with Gaz Cocklin

10 August 2021

Looking to enter a career in cyber security? Meet Cyber Security Manager Gaz Cocklin as he explains the need for certifications, which certifications to get, and why anyone can enter a career in cyber security.

Careers in Python and Data Science

15 July 2021

Discover the job opportunities available to python and data science professionals with this virtual seminar. You’ll also hear from student Rory who changed careers in the middle of the pandemic from teaching into data science. He landed his first role in the industry before completing his courses with us.

Women in Tech - cyber security, IT, networking and cloud computing

14 July 2021

At Learning People, we’re doing everything we can to close the gender gap in tech. Because for us, diversity isn’t just a buzzword — it has to be put into action, and we believe that more diversity means more innovation, better ideas, and smarter solutions.

Watch our virtual seminar where we’ll explore the role of women in tech, focusing on cyber security, cloud computing, IT and networking.

Coding Jobs 101

25 June 2021

Meet full-stack development graduate Matt who completed his training with us. Matt secured contract work as a developer before finishing his course and has now started a full-time role since graduating. Hear him discuss his journey so far, why he chose a career in code and his advice for anyone looking to make a similar journey.

Find career success in Cloud Computing

16 June 2021

Join our virtual seminar to explore the steps you can take to find career success in Cloud Computing. Hear from the Learning People team as we discuss the growth in cloud computing, job opportunities and earning expectations in the industry.

Careers in software development

20 May 2021

In this virtual seminar, we speak to students Maya and Lindsay who have both completed the diploma in software development and landed new roles since finishing the course and working closely with our Career Services team. They discuss the benefits of learning to code, what their new roles entail, and their career goals for the future.

Careers in cyber security with student Gemma

12 May 2021

Hear from student Gemma as she discusses her motives for retraining in cyber security, how she’s found studying, and her career goals for the future.

Careers in cloud computing

5 May 2021

Discover what a career in Cloud Computing can offer, the demand for industry professionals, and how our intuitive learning platform can help you gain the certifications needed for a career in the industry.

Introducing Code+

20 April

Introducing Code+, the best way to get from novice to pro web developer with no prior experience.

Careers in cyber security with student Niall Morton

25 March 2021

Meet student Niall as he discusses this career journey to date. He moved from a sales role into the world of cyber security after being made redundant as a result of the pandemic. After working closely with the Career Services team he managed to land a role as a Service Desk Analyst soon after completing his first certification.

Find career success in software development

22 March 2021

In this virtual seminar, our team of expert coding career consultants explore what a career in software development looks like, showcasing some of our student success stories. They explore the job opportunities available, as well as the skills needed to become a professional coder.

Careers in cyber security with student Justin Cooper

18 February 2021

In this webinar, student Justin tells us all about his career change into cyber security. Previously a retail manager, he decided to get certified to earn more money and buy more time to spend with his family. Justin worked closely with Career Services and is now working as a SOC Analyst. He’s incredibly driven and is already working his way towards his next career goal, continuing to get certifications under his belt and make the most of his newfound career.

Careers in software development with student Sophie Wickham

10 February 2021

Watch this webinar to explore the steps you can take to find career success in web development. Hear from a former Learning People student working in the industry and the global job opportunities.

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