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Why a career in IT isn’t just about turning it off and on again

When you think about IT, it may conjure up an image of a dusty, dark basement office where the words ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ are banded about when an issue occurs.

However, in reality, a qualification in IT could enable you to step into the world of Formula One, space exploration or cutting edge medical science.

There is a huge variety of jobs in IT, and in this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the coolest ones out there.

Man Wearing Grey Shirt Using Virtual Realty Headset

Virtual Reality Designer

Virtual reality (VR) has changed the world of entertainment. From riding a rollercoaster to entering a horror film, VR is described as immersive multimedia, allowing the user to enter and interact with new environments. Virtual reality designers are architects of virtual worlds and can apply this technology to medicine, science, gaming and engineering.

In order to get into the realm of VR design, you need to learn to code. Luckily, we offer a range of online courses that can help you do this.

Boy in White Shirt Sitting in Front of Computer

Professional Hacker

You know those scenes in films where somebody is against the clock hurriedly typing in code to unlock a secret gateway, mopping sweat off their brow, shouting ‘I just need 30 more seconds!’? That’s an actual job. Well, sort of.

As a professional hacker you are paid to hack into security systems from small, local businesses to huge, multi national corporations. When a cyber attack strikes, it is your job to protect a company’s vulnerabilities and prevent a data breach. Your main task will be to find and rectify those vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker does.

Hear about ethical hacking courses from Learning People from our students – including Krisztian, who is studying to swap his career in traditional security to cyber security:

Data Scientist

A data scientist is a detective, looking through huge amounts of data to find hidden insights that others can’t see. They use their industry knowledge, contextual understanding and challenge existing assumptions to solve business challenges.

As a data scientist you could be analysing weather patterns, looking at consumer behaviour or taking part in groundbreaking biomedical research.

Man Holding Black Drone

Drone Programmer

By now, you must have seen breathtaking aerial shots captured by these incredible flying cameras, sweeping hills, vast expanse of sea, deserts and savannahs. Or perhaps you’ve just seen that YouTube video of a man sunbathing on a wind turbine.

Drone technology is developing fast, with Amazon promising that the future will see their products being delivered to your door by drone in thirty minutes.

But it’s not just Amazon that wants a piece of the action. Film makers, investigators, journalists, farmers, and public safety practitioners all want to use, or are already using, this technology to help them with their work. A skilled drone programmer is only going to become more in-demand as time moves on.

For more information about the amazing opportunities within IT, have a look at our world-class courses or contact us today – we’d love to help you begin an incredible career.