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Helping our cyber security students land their dream roles

Corey and Riekert were both looking for a career change into cyber security, find out how they found success in the industry.

Corey MorrisseyLearning People | Corey cyber security student

Reason for enrolling

Corey had been working as a plumber for nearly 8 years and wanted a fresh challenge that the tech industry could offer him.

As a tradesman he was apprehensive but motivated for the career change.


Corey enrolled as a complete beginner and had no previous IT experience. He maintained an enviable work ethic throughout his student journey. StudentCareTM provided him with a study plan that worked alongside his full-time job and further support with time management.

StudentCareTM then continued to assist Corey, with regular check-in calls. He received some additional support with exam preparation and once he was ready, he passed multiple certifications, first time.

Career Services

The Career Services team offered Corey the support he needed to land his first tech role. He learnt how to network effectively and how to stand out to potential employers and recruiters. The team helped Corey to prepare for interviews and his hard work paid off.

The results

Corey says:

“In my past career as a commercial/domestic Plumber, every day I improved the quality of life for hundreds of working class people. That was simply not enough for me, I wanted to protect thousands of people from hackers and cyber-attacks. 

“Learning People have gone above and beyond to support me in achieving my goals. I now have my dream job in tech and would recommend Learning People time and time again. They are life changers.”

Riekert Jansen Van RensburgLearning People | Riekert cyber security student

Reason for enrolling

Riekert had been working in different sales positions for the last 10 years, but was desperately unhappy. He had always wanted to work within the tech industry but was unsure how to make the first steps.

Riekert reached out to us and after a detailed consultation with one of our Senior Career Consultants, enrolled onto our Cyber Security Analyst collection.


Riekert was a complete beginner when it came to digital skills. After the first few sessions with StudentCareTM Riekert slowly started to realise his potential.

The team provided weekly 1 to 1 study sessions to motivate Reikert to success. The sessions included support with a study plan and time management. Gaining the practical skills through our live practice labs, Reikert quickly gained the technical skills required to work in the industry and validated these skills internationally with his certifications.

Career Services

Career Services offered Riekert support in boosting his employability. With the help of the team, he learnt how to build a network using LinkedIn and how to work with recruitment agencies.

Riekert’s work with Career Services ensured his globally recognised certifications were visible to hiring managers and recruiters. This led to incredible career opportunities with employers expressing how impressed they were with his level of technical skill and quickly offering him more responsibility within the tech sector.

The results

Riekert says:

“Now I am working in the industry it is awesome to wake up every morning and be excited for what I do in life for a job. Learning People has been awesome through every step of my journey.

“I never used to like studying, I actually hated it with a passion until I came to the Learning People where their support has been so amazing. I feel so enriched with what I have learnt that I will now always keep studying, and gaining higher level vendor certifications to advance my career.

“Thank you Learning People, you have been amazing”

You can hear from Riekert in his video testimonial below.

We are so proud of the work both of these students put in. If you’re looking for a career change you can find out more by getting in touch and one of our expert career consultants will give you a call back.