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Become a full stack web developer

Learning to code is like learning a new language. With no two days the same, coding brings fresh and exciting challenges and is the perfect skill for someone seeking a lucrative career.

In a coding role you will be expected to design, create and maintain computer software, applications and websites. Depending on your speciality, you will work on the front-end or back-end of websites, using a variation of coding languages. It is a vital role in the tech industry and can open up a multitude of career pathways.  

Learning to code gives you the opportunity to become part of the next tech revolution.

Key responsibilities in a code role:

Writing, testing and classifying code

Evaluating and improving applications

Problem solving

Contributing creative ideas

Critical thinking

With junior developer roles starting at $80k and progressing to $100k+ as a senior developer, you’ll never feel undervalued as a coder.

Coding doesn’t come easy to most, and we strongly recommend you try some free coding assessments or watch videos on coding before you decide to embark on a career. 

However, our students all embrace the challenge of learning to code, with the aim of becoming a junior developer at the end of the course and the earning potential of $80,000.

Coders can work across a multitude of industries, in large development teams or on a freelance basis. Whatever your personality and working style, there’s a coding role for you. Because technology is always changing, if you crave learning new things and love the satisfying feeling when you’ve ticked a task off your list, then this is the role for you.

Learning code is like learning any other language, with tangible results of progression.

A coding bootcamp like our full stack developer course is the most beneficial way of learning the skills you need to become a pro developer. 

You’ll learn both front end and back end languages to give you a broader knowledge of coding as you begin. You’ll build your portfolio throughout your learning journey ready to show off to potential employers. 

Many of our students land their first coding role within the first few months of studying, demonstrating the full stack developer course is a successful way to move into the industry.

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You can earn an average of $90,000.00 a year

50% of employees in 2030 to be in roles requiring high level programming, coding and software design skills

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