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Todd Thibodeaux, President and CEO of CompTIA discusses the future of the technology industry. From IoT, to AI, being a part of the tech revolution is an exciting and innovative place to be. 

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What is web design?Is web design right for me?How do I become a web designer?

Web design involves a range of disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

A web designer creates the look and style of a website. They’ll work closely with content managers, user experience designers and a team of developers to make sure the website functions as well as it looks. 

A web designer will be creative, and interested in the most up to date trends in web design. Brands will want their website to reflect who they are and what they sell, as well as appeal to their target audience, and it’s up to the web designer to create this. 

As a web designer, you’ll often work for clients, understand their needs and create a solid design based on their brief. You’ll design the structure of the front end, the colours and branding, where the content sits and which graphics or videos are used.

Did you know that 40% of people abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load?

If you’d like to work for a web agency or have your own business, web design could be for you. You need to have creative design skills with a good understanding of brand marketing, website design trends and the necessary technical skills to mock up designs for a website.

As well as being creative, a web designer must be able to work well under pressure in order to meet design briefs, overcome restrictions and best optimise a site through design.

Communication and patience are also crucial personality traits of a web designer because they often work directly with clients and colleagues who are not computer savvy, so they need to possess the ability to explain technical concepts in a de jargoned format.

No experience is necessary to undertake a web design course, but a professional qualification is recommended to make you stand out from the crowd.

Getting certified is a great way to validate your skills in web design. A professional certification will ensure you’re up to date with the latest skills and trends, and it will enable you to have the necessary experience to start your first role in web design.

As a web designer, you can work within a multitude of disciplines across many industries, or work for yourself. You could work in digital advertising or in national media, online gaming or creating smart products (IoT), or in house for one of the world’s best known companies.

There are many doors open to a web designer – you could end up working for a large company, a smaller specialist consultancy, or even go freelance, so the salary will vary based on who you’re working for, the experience you have under your belt and how certified you are.

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What does the future hold for technology?

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The technology industry is growing at an exponential rate, and the need for skilled workers is growing at a high demand. Getting certified in web design could future proof your career. 

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The intensified use of digital technologies could add a colossal $1.36 trillion to total global economic output

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