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EC-Council is the world leader in IT, network, computer and cyber security

Delivering IT security courses in over 92 countries around the globe, EC-Council is the undisputed world leading and most trusted source for training across the information security community. Flagship course  Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH, sets the standard for what the world has come to expect from ethical hacking cyber security courses.

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CASE | Certified Application Security Engineer

Want hands-on experience to fully grasp the new techniques and strategies in secure programming? Then the Certified Application Security Engineer course is for you

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CND | Certified Network Defender

Want hands-on, world class training covering 14 of the most current network security domains? Then the Certified Network Defender course is for you

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CCISO | Certified Chief Information Security Officer

Want real world experience of dealing with the highest executive levels of information security? Then the Certified Chief Information Security Officer course is for you

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CSCU | Certified Secure Computer User

Want the necessary knowledge to tackle various computer and network security threats? Then the Certified Secure Computer User course is for you

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ECC | Core Concepts

Want an understanding of vulnerability assessment and hacking methodology and the core skills to build a solid security foundation? Then the Core Concepts course is for you

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ECIH | Certified Incident Handler

Want the fundamental skills to handle and respond to the computer security incidents in an information system? Then the Certified Incident Handler course is for you

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CHFI | Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

Want comprehensive training covering major forensic investigation scenarios? Then the Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator course is for you

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CEH | Certified Ethical Hacker

Join the battle in cyber security and penetrate computer networks using the same methods as a hacker with our online CEH training

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