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IIB Council

The world's first Business Technology Certification Body


How IIB Council certifications help your career progression:

The IIB Council (Institute of iBusiness Council) is dedicated to developing the world’s first Business Technology and Enterprise Digital Transformation Professional Training and Certification Programs. It is a division of EC-Council, one of the world’s largest cyber security technical certification bodies.

Their unique Certified Blockchain Professional certification (CBP) is designed to help bridge the skills gap for one of technologies most exciting sectors. Blockchain is set to revolutionise the way in which we work and communicate – and the IIB CBP certificate enables professionals to provide innovative solutions to solve industry adoption, security, and scalability issues.

Scroll down to view our dedicated IIB Council Certified Blockchain Professional course page:

More info on our IIB Council courses
Watch Irene Dima (Director at IIB Council) explain the demand for Blockchain professionals and the importance of the CBP certification:


CBP | Certified Blockchain Professional for Developers

Ready to get to grips with a thorough overview of Blockchain technology and its implementation to the real world? Then the Certified Blockchain Professional course is perfect for you​

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